I’m Done Making It Easy For Guys — From Now On, I’m Playing Hard To Get

I’m done saying yes to any guy who gives me the time of day. I’m over being desperate for love. I’ve been open to every man and look where that got me — nowhere because I’m still single AF. I’ve realized that I need to start playing hard to get because being “easy” just isn’t working. Here’s why:

I don’t want just any guy.

I’m not just any girl, so why would I want just any guy? I’m sick of dating guys who are just “good enough.” I want more than contentment in my love life. I want happiness, and that’ll only happen if I hold out for a guy who makes an effort and proves himself to be worth my time.

I know what I deserve.

I deserve real love and I’m willing to wait for it because I know it doesn’t come easy. Nothing good in this life comes easily. You have to work for it, and love is the same way. I’m willing to I’m willing to put in the time and really do the work for love because I know the payout will be priceless. If he’s not willing to do the same thing, he’s just not on my level.

I’m anything but desperate.

I’m doing perfectly well all by myself. Being single doesn’t scare me, so why would I need to act desperate just for the sake of getting a guy in my life? I’m not desperately seeking anyone. Sure, I want love and I’m definitely looking, but I’m also willing to let him find me when the time is right. He’ll be worth the wait, and if he’s the right guy he’ll think I am too.

I’m not PLAYING hard to get, I AM hard to get.

I’m not just going to play hard to get, I’m going to BE hard to get. I’ve done the work on myself to become the woman I want to be and build the life I want to lead and I want a guy who’s done the same and who’s willing to put in the effort to be with me. I don’t want to deal with any more casual BS. I want boyfriend material, and if he’s not willing to take the time to woo me then he’s just not that interested.

I won’t be easily impressed.

Good looks won’t get you very far — at least not with me. I want a man who makes me laugh; a man who’s kind, courtesy and knows how to treat me right. Boys rely too much on wingmen and their lies. I want a man who’s not afraid to tell the truth and just be himself. That’s what it really takes to impress a girl like me.

I know I’m a catch.

If a guy can’t see that then it truly is his loss. Women filled with self-doubt allow men to treat them like crap. They make themselves easy to get because they’re desperate for love. Why? Because they don’t love themselves. That’s not me — I’m confident. I know I’m a great girl and while immature boys can’t see that, a real man won’t be so blind.

I want an actual connection.

I don’t want to date a guy I have no real feelings for just because I don’t feel like being alone. I also don’t want to waste time just hooking up with a random guy. I don’t want a purely physical connection, I want an emotional one. Is that so much to ask?

I’m going to hold out for the right guy.

I refuse to settle for Mr. Wrong. I’ve been in enough unhealthy relationships to last a lifetime and I’m over it. I want a guy who brings me joy, not pain. I need to stop settling and start holding out for a guy who knows how to treat me right.

Playing hard to get sorts the bad boys from the good guys.

The bad boys want everything handed to them. They expect women to compete and pine for their attention, but I’m over those games. The good guys are willing to work for a girl. They know that all good things in life take hard work. If you want a quality woman, you better be able to prove you’re worth it.

I’m trying to protect my heart.

I’m open to someone new, but I’m not going to let just anybody walk on in and destroy me. If you’re not playing hard to get, be ready for relationships (whether sexual or emotional) to move fast. In the blink of an eye, you’ve fallen in love and had your heartbroken. I’m sick of the heartbreak, so from now on I’m playing hard to get and taking things slow.

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