Don’t Be Afraid Of Dating A Blunt Girl — She’ll Make An Amazing Girlfriend

Being around someone who doesn’t hold her tongue and tells it like it is can be daunting at first, especially if it’s not what you’re used to. While you might be tempted to run and hide from her, dating a blunt woman has plenty of perks if you’re lucky enough to have her.

  1. She’ll always tell you the truth, even when it would be easier to lie. That’s essentially the definition of blunt — she says it how it is and in the most direct way possible. While she is aware of and cares about your feelings, she believes in the importance of being straightfrward and thinks it’s better in the long run for both of you if she’s honest from the get-go.
  2. She’ll never be anyone other than herself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re around her friends, your friends or alone — she’s got one face and wear sit proudly. She’s true to herself and doesn’t know how to be any other way. Besides, she doesn’t believe in pretending to be someone she’s not for the sake of other people. It’s refreshing to not be around someone who doesn’t change according to who she’s spending time with.
  3. She says exactly what she means and means what she says. Forget the guessing games — when you’re dating a blunt girl, she’ll never leave you hanging on where you stand and how she’s feeling. If she says she’s fine, you can be confident that she really means it because when there is a real issue, she comes out with it directly instead of assuming you’ll be able to read her mind. It’s refreshing, for sure.
  4. She’ll defend you tirelessly. Whether you’re in the room or not, she will defend you ferociously to anyone who has anything negative to say about you. No one will want to say a bad word about you because a blunt girl knows how to cut someone down, faster than any other. It’s not that she doesn’t believe that you’re human or that you have flaws, but that it’s no one else’s place to point them out because none of us are perfect.
  5. She gives amazing advice. People appreciate her honesty and know they can come to her when they want the truth, no BS. She gives amazing advice not only because she’s empathetic and an amazing listener, but because she practices what she preaches. It might not be easy to hear the truth, but she knows you need to hear it and feels it’s her responsibility to be blunt.
  6. She doesn’t pay lip service.  You know she isn’t just putting an act when she’s with you and the guys and then secretly bitching about all of them to her friends. She’ll tell you her honest opinion about your friends and while that might not always be easy to her, at least you heard it from her first. She isn’t going to pretend to like someone she doesn’t but even a blunt girl knows how to be civil. If she doesn’t feel something, she won’t say she does.
  7. She has unwavering standards. She won’t be shy in calling you out if you aren’t living up to her expectations, and although that might be brutal, it also makes life easier. You don’t have to keep wondering if she’s happy in the relationship and if she isn’t — if she’s not, she’ll tell you straight up and give you a chance to change things before she walks out the door.
  8. She’s definitely not a pushover.  It gets boring having someone agree with you the whole time, so it’s great that you can both have your own different opinions and not always acquiesce to each other’s demands. She’s no stranger to flexibility and compromise, but she’ll stand her ground on the important stuff.
  9. She doesn’t play games, not even in the beginning. Especially in the early stages of dating, it can be really confusing to know what’s going on as you get to know someone new. But not with a blunt girl — if she likes you, she’ll say it. If she wants to hang out, she’ll ask you to. She won’t spend her time waiting just as long to text you back just to make a statement. She’s too grown for that.
  10. She’s absolutely hilarious and has a great sense of humor. Even when she doesn’t mean to be, she’s hilarious. Watching people be disarmed by her honesty is always amusing, and this rawness often makes her the life of the party as she makes her way around the room, making fast friends with people who appreciate the refreshing change!
  11. Your fights are fiery but quick, not torturously drawn out. Blunt people tend to get into more disagreements, but those arguments rarely last long because they know how to nip issues in the bud when they arise rather than letting them simmer until they explode. Once the issue is resolved, that’s it — it’s forgotten. There’ll be no week-long grovelling sessions for her.
  12. Passive Aggressiveness and resentment won’t ever be part of your relationship. In order for resentment to build up, lots of things need to go unsaid and problems need to go unaired. With a blunt girl, that’s just never an option. She knows how to speak up and has no problem doing so, the end.
Body Confidence Activist, Creator of Scarred Not Scared and Founder of MIndset For Life.