Don’t Believe These Lies About Forever Alone Women, Because They’re BS

Plenty of self-identified forever alone women are just fine with rolling solo, but people still talk crap about the perpetually single among us. Whether they’re single by choice or by circumstance, the cliches and misconceptions single women come up against on a daily basis are frustrating, to say the least. 

  1. They’re lonely cat ladies. Being single and being lonely are definitely two totally different things. In many cases, being single is a choice and loneliness isn’t a factor at all. Even if they haven’t exactly chosen the perpetually single path, they probably still have a ton going on for them, and they don’t feel lonely often, or at all.
  2. They’re obsessed with finding a relationship. Whether they’ve chosen to be single or that’s just the way it’s worked out, it doesn’t mean they’re desperately seeking a guy. Being content and happy on your own is actually a thing, and there are a ton of reasons why they’re cool with it staying that way.
  3. There must be a reason guys don’t like them. Just because they’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean they don’t ever get hit on or asked out. Some of them politely decline because they want to be single, and the rest of them haven’t found the one that has changed their minds yet. Because they’ve been single for a while and they’re comfortable that way, they definitely aren’t going to jump into the first thing that comes along.
  4. They’re probably way too picky. Being single doesn’t necessarily mean that their expectations are so high that no one can meet them. While this might be the reality in some cases, the majority of single girls have normal expectations and are perfectly willing to compromise like everyone else.
  5. They need to be set up. One reality that every single girl can relate to is the fact that everyone they know is trying to set them up. While it’s nice that people are trying to help, it would be nicer if they understood that they don’t want to be pushed into an arranged relationship. It’s possible to be single and happy about it, OK?
  6. They spend your nights eating ice cream in bed. Single girls do all the same things that non-singles do, they just do it without a man. While Netflix and ice cream make for a great night, it’s definitely not the main attraction in a single girl’s life. Going out with friends, focusing on hobbies, being busy with work and just doing them is enough to keep you pretty busy in life.
  7. They must be totally miserable. Believe it or not, their happiness doesn’t depend on whether they have a man in their lives. Just as there are perks of being in a relationship, there are plenty of perks of being single, too. Having the complete freedom to focus on their careers, travel, friends, and ourselves are all good reasons that they’re anything but miserable.
  8. They all hate men. Single girls don’t hate men any more than any other girl does. Sure, they’ve dealt with their share of jerks, but who hasn’t? They’re just as open and receptive to the men they’re interested in, they just haven’t found the right one yet.