Don’t Embarrass Yourself—If He’s Ignoring Your Texts, It’s Time To Move On

There’s nothing more infuriating than waiting for a text that never comes. It can really make you do things you never thought you’d do, like send him more texts to try to get a reply. But before your thumbs spring into action, consider these 14 things:

You’re making excuses. 

If you’re telling yourself that he just didn’t get the message or maybe something tragic happened, like his dog died, you’re fooling yourself. His silence speaks a thousand words and it’s telling you one thing: he’s not interested.

You’ve tried more than one approach. 

You used to rely on texting him but now you’re sending him messages on Facebook or perhaps you’ve emailed him. You’re hoping one of these methods will get an answer, but don’t bother wasting your time trying to chase him down. It just makes you look crazy, and he’s clearly not interested.

You’re frustrated af. 

Watch how you feel when you chat to this guy. If you feel antsy, knowing that he’s not going to be a reliable texter and that you want to scream when he doesn’t respond, that’s telling you something’s wrong. You don’t want to spend your days waiting around for some loser. Use that anger to walk away instead!

He gives you generic responses. 

When he does appear out of the blue, he’ll reply to your text with something generic, like asking how your day was or sending one-word answers. Ugh, this guy is so not worth texting anymore because he’s not even making an effort!

Texting had already started slowing down. 

Before he went AWOL on you, you weren’t texting each other as much as before. It would take hours to get a reply or the conversation would hit a slump. Yikes. These are not good signs at all, so don’t wait around for the spark to come back—it’s already dead by now.

The less he does, the more you want to do. 

It’s so weird but texting a guy who’s not making an effort sometimes has the effect of making you want to do even more to get him to speak to you. It almost becomes an ego thing, a competition that you want to win. Maybe it’s time to leave the phone at home, okay?

You’re addicted to him. 

You stress out and wonder why he hasn’t got in touch, only to hear from him in a few days. Instead of ignoring him, you find yourself replying, eager to get into a conversation. The “reward” of his reply after all your stress and worry keeps you wanting more of it, making you addicted to him. Meanwhile, you’re just delaying the inevitable—the next time he goes AWOL. Ugh.

Your friends hide your phone. 

Your friends tell you to quit texting this guy and might even go to great lengths to make you stop, such as by hiding your phone when you’re out. Listen to them! They’re seeing you from an objective position and you’re probably starting to look desperate AF to them.

You’re monitoring his social media.

 You’re logging onto Instagram and Twitter every hour to check if he’s updated his status. You’re craving news from him and these social media nuggets help to ease that craving a bit, even though they’re not messages for you. Stalker, much?

You’re avoiding the truth. 

You’re panicked he’s slipping away, but listen up—although you’re scared of what his radio silence means, the truth is a blessing in disguise. It hurts to know that he’s not interested in chatting to you anymore, but it can save you from a lot of stress over this guy that you really don’t need in your life. If he wants to go, let him go—it’s better than leaving you hanging!

In the heat of the moment, you don’t feel embarrassed—that comes later. 

You know you’re putting in too much effort with this guy when you get the idea to contact him yet again and you don’t feel embarrassed at the thought of looking like a stage-five clinger. In fact, you find yourself thinking that it’ll be a good thing. Maybe he’ll answer this text because it’s going to be so much funnier or more entertaining than the others. Eek, no. You’re guaranteed to feel like crap when the high of texting him again wears off and he still hasn’t answered you.

You just want what you can’t have. 

Maybe you’re the type of person who’s always intrigued by the things that are just out of reach or this guy brings out a side of you that wants a challenge. Whatever the case, what you can’t have always seems more exciting than it really is. Once you get it, it’s just a lazy guy who can’t make a damn effort to send you a message. Don’t get distracted by some idealized version of him. It’s not real.

You’re pissed off, and rightfully so, but he doesn’t need to hear about it. 

When the guy you’ve been chatting to doesn’t make any effort anymore, you might be tempted to let anger get the better of you. Who does he think he his, treating you like this? You have a right to text him right now and tell him what a jackass he is! Although it’s normal to want to tell him to get lost, it might be an excuse to get in contact with him and get a response, even if it’s a negative one. Don’t stoop to his level.

Your standards are too low. 

Texting a guy should make you feel good, not like you’re sending him your dignity with your messages. By ignoring the crappy way you feel when you’re trying to persuade him to contact you, you’re allowing your standards to get down on the floor and turn you into a doormat. Oh, hell no. Stop texting this guy and prevent him from worming his way back in by keeping your standards nice and high so that he can’t hurt you anymore. He’s done enough of that. Time to block his number.

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