Don’t Forget To Be Good To Your BFF Just Because You’re Madly In Love

When you find the love of your life (or the one you think might be), it can be easy to let everything else fall by the wayside. But while you’re busy texting late into the night and sending kissy-faced emojis back and forth, don’t forget to take care of your other relationships. When it comes down to it, being a good friend is just as important as being a good girlfriend — here’s why:

  1. She’ll Be There When He Doesn’t Text You Back. Whether you’ve been dating him for years or you’ve just started talking, odds are you’ve been in the horrible situation where he just doesn’t text you back, and it’s making go Taylor-Swift-in-Blank-Space Crazy. Maybe he’s with his friends, maybe he’s working, or maybe you have no idea what he’s doing that’s keeping him from responding to you. Whatever’s keeping him, one thing is certain — you hate it. Your friends are always there when your messages to “your person” go unanswered. Whether they give you advice, pick you up for food, or convince you that it isn’t psycho to hit him with 13 back-to-back messages, they always answer your calls.
  2. Your Family Loves Her More Than They’ll Ever Love A Guy. Getting your family to love your guy usually isn’t an easy feat. Between judging everything he says, being wary of whether he’ll stick around, and hazing him just the right amount (thanks, dad), they don’t actually start liking him for awhile. But your best friend? She was considered family since the first time she came to your house. When you parents ask her over for dinner and she starts calling them “mom and dad,” you know that your friend will forever be a strong part of your family.
  3. If Your Heart Gets Broken, She’s There To Pick Up The Pieces. Despite what you thought in high school when you fell for the first guy to pass you a note (and immediately planned your wedding together), you’re most likely going to date around a bit to find “The One.” And chances are, you’re not going to realize that each wrong person isn’t the right one until you’re in too deep. When your high school sweetheart moved away, she was there for you. When your college boyfriend made out with your sorority sister at formal, she picked you up from the bar. And when the guy you never thought would hurt you breaks your heart, she’s there to hold your hand, wipe your tears, and help put you back together.
  4. She Loves The Same Things That You Love. Most couples have something in common — that’s usually why they started dating. Maybe you both love standup comedy, pizza, or morning sex. Whatever it is, you’re good together. That being said, he most likely doesn’t love everything that you love. Whether it’s the farmer’s market, brunch, or reality TV, chances are he hates something that you love. Your best friend, however, is right there with you, looking for produce, sipping on mimosas, or gossiping about who should get sent home without a rose.
  5. Your Secrets Are Safe (And Juicy) With Her. While your boyfriend won’t likely spill your secrets, the odds of him truly caring about them enough are even less. Sure, he’ll “listen” as you tell him how much you hate that girl from work or how you’re planning on quitting your job, but he might not give you the feedback you crave. Not only can you tell your best friend anything (including the dirt on your guy), but you can be sure that she’ll not only care but provide assistance any way she can.
  6. You’ll Need Her For Future Life Events. You know that dream wedding you’ve been planning for years or that bachelorette trip to Vegas? Without a best friend, you can all but kiss those perfect weekends goodbye. You need your ride or die to stand by your side on your big day and hold your hair after too many jello shots during your last single weekend. Keeping your friends close will make the special moments with your guy even sweeter.
  7. She’s Fine With Listening To Your Stories. Again. Like that time you had the perfect comeback in class, or when you owned the crowd on karaoke night. Whatever it is, she’s down to reenact and rediscuss all of your shining moments. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve already dissected a text or relived the time you hit on the hot guy at the bar — she’s always down to talk about it again. Even better? If you picked the right best friend, she was most likely by your side when all of the stories happened.
  8. When Your Significant Other Is Busy, She’ll Be There. She doesn’t need to be doing something to be happy, and you don’t have to plan out your time spent together. When your boyfriend is busy, when you can’t log into your ex’s Netflix, or when you need someone to help you decide whether or not you need another pair of wedges, she’ll be there. She’s fine with last minute plans and doesn’t judge you for calling her when you’re bored. In fact, she does the same thing.
  9. She’ll Always Need You. Being a friend doesn’t just mean you have someone to help you dye your hair and match you shot for shot on a night out. Just like with your romantic relationships, your friendships are deeper than that. She’s not hanging around just to have fun and Snapchat you. She’s your friend because she needs you. She needs you to create memories with her, to share life’s big moments with her, and to be by her side during all of the hard times. You need to be a good friend because she needs you.
  10. You’ll Always Need Her. Having a great romantic partner is wonderful. But having a great friend is even more important. When your romantic partner is mad, gone, or worse, leaves, you’ll realize just how much you need your friends. Life is hard, and you’ll be shocked by the amount of stuff that will be thrown your way. But when the waves come crashing and the world seems to turn dark, the people who will be there no matter what isn’t necessarily your significant other or your family. The people who will be there are the family you picked, the sisters you chose, and the most important relationships you can have. The people you’ll always need are your friends.
Rachel is a writer and professional social media stalker living in Austin, Texas. She spends her free time watching her brother's best friend's sister's cousin's Netflix and eating buffalo chicken dip. If she's not rewatching "Gossip Girl" she's probably crying about the Hogwarts letter she never received over a box of alcoholic Butterbeer.