I Don’t Care About Your Money — I Pay My Own Way

I Don’t Care About Your Money — I Pay My Own Way ©iStock/TinaTin1

Why is it that men with money think they’re God’s gift to women? It’s great that you have a fancy car and that you’re doing well for yourself, but I don’t care how much you earn or what you can buy me. I’ve survived this long on my own and I have everything I want already — I earned it myself. Your bank account balance does nothing for me — I care way more about who you are inside.

  1. Money won’t buy the right woman. It could be that you’re purposely trying to attract someone who will never love you for you and will only care about what you can give them, but what kind of life is that? Nothing I would ever want, that’s for sure. If you want to impress me, do it from some place within. I don’t need you to pay my way to prove you’re worth spending time with.
  2. Money doesn’t show me your true value. I can admire that you’ve worked hard to get where you are, but it’s not everything there is to know about you (or at least I hope not). I care more about your childhood or what gave you the scar on your left elbow. Money isn’t everything, so stop trying to bait me with the finer things in life — those aren’t important to me.
  3. Materialism doesn’t interest me. If I wanted a fancy purse, I’d buy it myself. From you, I’ll need something different. I don’t care what you get away with buying for other women to keep them happy — I’d rather you pay me in kindness, respect and laughter.
  4. How you treat others is more important. They way you treat others will stand out to me. If you flaunt your money and act like it makes you superior to everyone who isn’t on your financial level, I won’t be impressed. Your money will only attract a certain type of woman, and I’m not her. So put your wallet away and tell me something about yourself that doesn’t involve showboating your cash.
  5. I pay my own way. I’ve been paying my own way all this time, and I don’t need someone to step in and take over. I’m looking for someone who works his way into my heart in an honest way — not because he showered me with stuff I don’t really need.
  6. I don’t need luxuries — I’m looking for real love. I’m looking for someone to connect with on a deep level for the rest of my life. I’m not the girl who will date you for your money, and I’m not the girl who will complain when you don’t pick up my dinner bill. If you want a woman like me by your side who will help build an even more successful life because of what I bring to the table myself, you’ll have to connect me as an equal, not my superior because of the numbers on your bank statement.
  7. I don’t accept apologies in gift form. Men with money seem to think that when they mess up, buying something is an acceptable apology, but not in my world. We’re going to sit down and talk this hell out like adults. Buying me something doesn’t prove you’re sorry, or that you’ve learned your lesson. An honest and grown up conversation is how we move past issues. Plus, that’s how two people grow as a couple — by working stuff out.
  8. I don’t need to be taken care of. If I needed someone to take care of me, I wouldn’t be available in the first place – I would have found someone and settled early on. I chose to make my own life so that the man I choose to spend my life with is someone who I know is the right person for me, not because of what he could give me.
  9. If given the choice of love or money, I’ll choose love every time. I’m sick of guys who think that having money and success makes them a crown jewel in our dating culture — I don’t see it that way at all. If you don’t have a good heart and if your only means to impress me is to flaunt your wallet around, I’m not interested. I’d take a man who has a full heart to give over his wallet any day. Real love is far more valuable than money to a woman who finances herself.