I Don’t Do Half-Assed Relationships — I Need Something Real

I’m officially done with the excuses guys have given me about why they weren’t ready for a relationship or why they couldn’t make more of a commitment. I’ve been roped into some truly baffling and BS relationship encounters by guys who didn’t know what they wanted and I’m completely over it. I don’t do half-assed relationships — I want something real or I don’t want it at all.

  1. Texting me late at night to hang out isn’t spontaneous or romantic. Perhaps some women let guys get away with this behavior and welcome them with open arms, but I’ve been fooled once or twice before and I know better than to fall for this weak play at my affections. Texting me because a guy “misses me” after a certain hour raises my eyebrows. No, he’s not sweet, he’s not being spontaneous — he’s lazy and trying to get laid.
  2. I’m done sleeping with guys who aren’t planning on sticking around. Sure, sex is great and all, but I don’t need a guy to have an orgasm. Why should I give anyone the pleasure of sleeping with me if he doesn’t truly value me in a real way? I want the guy who sleeps with me because he genuinely cares about me and wants me in his life for the long haul, not a week or two.
  3. If we’re dating and he’s still using Tinder, he can GTFO. I used to let this slide and I tried to convince myself that until things are official, he’s free to do what he wants. That’s technically true but it’s not how I want my love story to turn out. If a guy is dating me and things are going well, there’s no good reason why either of us should be keeping our options open. I’m looking to build a love in an honest way, not with endless distractions.
  4. Talking about the future shouldn’t be a big deal if it’s real. If a guy has a problem with me making plans in advance, it’s clear he’s just not into me the way I want. Because I’m looking for something real, it should be natural to talk about the future together even if it’s as simple as a concert a month down the road. The guys that can’t even commit to a future plan aren’t the guys I would want to commit to a lifetime with in the first place. It’s a lame and half-assed excuse that I’m not falling for anymore.
  5. Yes, I want a label on what we are. I’m done with this whole “let’s go with the flow” BS. If we’re dating and we know we like each other for real then yes, I’m going to want to call you my boyfriend and vice versa. It shouldn’t be this hard to form a relationship and I’m done wasting my time on the boneheads who are afraid of going all in.
  6. I’m sick of accepting less just to avoid scaring a guy off. It’s exhausting AF being a woman in today’s dating society. To some guys, we’re still expected to submissive and doting, but then we’re also expected to screw them right away and never act like we like him too much. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not a robot or a mail order bride —I’m my own person and I’m done with playing these crappy dating games.
  7. I know what I’m ready for, so there’s no point in faking it. The reason that I don’t do half-assed relationships is because I’m not a half-assed kinda girl. I don’t do anything halfway in life, so why should love be any different? I’m at a point where I know exactly what I want in a partner for life and I’m not wasting any more time or energy on guys who aren’t what I want, plain and simple.
  8. I’m not that desperate to have someone in my life. I don’t feel like I’m hard pressed for time or that any lazy ass guy who kinda likes me will do. I want the guy who will go to great lengths to put a smile on my face because that’s how I operate — it’s only natural and fitting that I should have that same type of love mirrored back at me. It’s really not rocket science.
  9. I’m a prize worth keeping. I know that what I have to offer is worth something real to someone out there who’s willing to step up and show his care and affection for me in a real and honest way. I don’t want someone who’s only halfway in. If that’s the way a guy behaves with me, he can take his ass out.
  10. If he’s not making the same effort, I’m out. I’m no longer giving these guys the benefit of the doubt. I don’t care what the excuse is because I need to look out for my own needs and wants first. If a guy can’t commit to me and show me respect like a grown man should, I don’t want any part of it. I don’t do half-assed relationships — I want and deserve something and someone real.