Don’t Let A Guy Convince You You’re “Crazy”

Somehow, women are always the crazy ones in relationships. No matter how insane the guy acts, we’re the ones that get the crap for it. Well, I’ve had just about enough of that. Men are usually way more insane and illogical, and they definitely deserve the label more than we do. Don’t put up with the BS anymore. Here are 13 things you need to stop letting him make you feel crazy about:

  1. Wanting more. You’re not a nutcase because you want your relationship to move forward. He should be flattered that you like him that much instead of telling you to calm down or back off.
  2. Your emotions. Women have ovaries, periods, hormones and emotions. This DOES NOT make you crazy. Sometimes we may be a little sensitive or short-tempered because of it, but that doesn’t invalidate your thoughts and feelings. It seems he’ll never get that.
  3. Innocent male friends. I don’t care what men say — every man you’re friends with doesn’t want to bone you. More importantly, even if they do want to, they aren’t going to act on it. You’re not crazy for wanting to stay friends with the guys in your life. This sounds like your boyfriend is just jealous.
  4. His ex. I don’t think most exes are bad news, but I’ve run across one or two ex-girlfriends who were definitely trying to creep back in. The guys always try to make you feel like a jealous lunatic for wanting them to stay away from their exes, but sometimes we’re right about this one.
  5. His bad behaviors. You’re not crazy if you don’t like when he acts like a douche. Being rude, insulting or talking down to you are all unacceptable and he needs to cut it out.
  6. Crying. It happens even when we try not to let it. Sometimes the waterworks are instant, extreme, and ugly. You’re not crazy for having a meltdown every now and then. #hormones.
  7. Changing your mind. Reminder: You’re allowed to change your mind. Maybe you wanted to go out and now you don’t, or maybe you were in the mood for sex earlier in the day and when you get into bed, you’re not feeling it anymore. So what? You’re not crazy just because you made a different choice (and you certainly don’t have to change it to suit him).
  8. Bringing up the past. Sometimes we really need closure. Admittedly, bringing it up during a fit of rage about something totally unrelated may not be the best way to go about it… but it still doesn’t make you crazy.
  9. Your flirting. Just because you smile at a guy does not mean you’re flirting. You can be friendly without flirting, even though men don’t seem to understand we possess this ability.
  10. His flirting. If you really think he flirts with other girls, you’re not crazy for bringing it up. There’s a slight chance he doesn’t know he’s doing it, but more often he’ll tell you you’re crazy for thinking he is as a way to deflect from his own behavior.
  11. Cheating. You’re not crazy for suspecting he’s cheating if he’s given you a reason to be suspicious. You may be wrong, and may need to make up for the accusation big time, but usually when a guy freaks out because you asked, it’s because it’s true.
  12. Your friends. They’re your friends and not his. He doesn’t have to love them, he just has to play nicely. You’re not crazy for wanting to stay friends with your ladies, even if they are wonderfully dysfunctional. They were your family before you ever knew him, so he can get over it.
  13. Your family. It can be hard when your family doesn’t so much love your man, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re your family. You shouldn’t be made to feel like a crazy bitch just because you aren’t willing to start a full-blown war. Situations like this are delicate enough and it doesn’t help if you let him make you feel crazy when it isn’t your fault.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314