I Don’t Miss My Ex—I Just Miss These 10 Relationship Perks

My long-term romance crashed and burned after three years and I don’t miss my ex at all. It’s over and done, but I must admit, there are some things I often feel nostalgic for. Being single gets old after awhile, and sometimes, I really wish I could go back in time just so I can enjoy these 10 perks of being in a relationship:

  1. Having someone to listen to my rants When it was time to vent, my ex was right there to listen whether he wanted to hear about my crappy day or not. I really miss having someone there who could talk me off the ledge when my life is upside down. Sure, I can always call my BFF or my mom when I’m having one of my moments, but spilling to a partner just feels so much more comfortable.
  2. Having Someone There to Bail Me Out In Times of Trouble I’m not talking about getting bailed out of jail here—I’m talking about someone who can be on-call just in case I get myself into a sticky situation. When you’re in a relationship, it’s a given that if you’re stranded on the side of the road, your boyfriend will drop everything to come to your rescue. These days, I always feel like I’m on my own if things go haywire in my life. I keep roadside assistance on speed dial, but I’d much rather have the perk of having a boyfriend on standby instead.
  3. Having someone who knows me completely. After some time together, my ex started to know me inside and out. He knew when I was lying, he knew when I was upset, and he knew when I was about to ask him to refill my wine glass before I could even open my mouth. It was nice having someone around who understood me 100 percent.
  4. Having someone to be bored with I think back to the days when I had someone to spend a lazy Sunday morning with. Of course, my ex got on my nerves 20 out of 24 hours of the day, but at least he was there to keep me company when I had absolutely nothing else to do. Being bored out of my brains with my partner is much more exciting than staring at my four walls all alone.
  5. The high you feel from being in love Falling in love is probably one of the most amazing feelings in the world. The constant butterflies and knowing my boyfriend loves me just as much as I love him is a feeling that doesn’t come around too often. I wish I’d enjoyed it while it lasted because now all I have are memories and the constant desire to feel that way again.
  6. Sex that isn’t awkward Having sex with someone new is always a nerve-wracking experience for me. I want to make sure I look good, smell good, and perform like I actually know what I’m doing. But while in a relationship, the pressure to look sexy during intimate moments no longer exists. I can just relax and enjoy the moment with the one I love.
  7. Being able to give advice to my single Friends As one of the few girls with a boyfriend in my group, I was always the go-to person for relationship advice. I loved helping my friends navigate their way through their online dating misadventures and honestly, it made me feel damn good that at least I did something right in my life and my friends saw me as an “expert” in love. Being in a relationship shouldn’t be an accomplishment, but staying committed to one person isn’t always easy. Now that my relationship is over, I’m the one scrambling for advice from my friends who are committed. It sucks being on the other side of things.
  8. Having an Automatic Plus-One Nothing stinks more than showing up to weddings alone, never having a date for office Christmas parties, and always being the single family member at the yearly reunion. I miss having that automatic plus one who would always tag along with me to events even if he hated it.
  9. Having someone to make mundane tasks way more fun Suddenly, doing laundry and going grocery shopping after work wasn’t so boring anymore. When in a relationship, I had someone by my side while running errands or cleaning the house. Things get done a lot faster when there are two people tackling a project than one.
  10. Feeling Safe and Secure Being in a relationship is almost like having a non-paid bodyguard hovering over you at all times. If I wanted to get wasted in a bar, I knew he would be keeping a watchful eye on me. He always had my back in all situations, and knowing he had my best interests at heart and would protect me no matter what made me feel so safe and secure. I sure do miss those days.
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