I Don’t Need Dating Games To Prove That I’m A Challenge

The older I get, the more confusing dating seems to become. For instance, why do I need to play nonsense games to prove I’m unattainable to a guy in order to grab his interest? It’s ridiculous and I won’t buy into it. If I actually like someone, I have no problem showing it. If he feels the same and he’s willing to put in a real effort to be with me then we’re off to a good start. I don’t need dating games to prove I’m a challenge.

  1. I’m genuinely busy AF. I don’t need to pretend that I’m a busy person because I actually am. I have a ton of responsibilities just like every other adult and I don’t need to fake it in order to impress a guy. Only a bonehead would think that giving him my attention or actually responding to his texts when I’m free to do so mean that I don’t have anything else going on in my life. How else would I be paying for the roof over my head and the food on my table? Seriously.
  2. Sometimes I’m available and sometimes I’m not — I act natural. If I reply right away to a guy’s texts, it’s simply because I’m available to do so. Why is this such a horrible thing? What kind of punk ass guys receive a genuine response from a woman they’re into and think, “Eww, she responded too quickly!”? I’m pretty sure he’s the one who texted me first. Also, it’s not going to happen every single time. There are times a guy won’t hear back from me for a couple hours because I am actually busy. The point is, I act like a normal human being instead of constructing some weird ritual with rules for interacting with him.
  3. Just because I’ve slept with a guy doesn’t mean I’ve been won over. I hate he mentality that if I sleep with a guy early on, it means I’m easy. Getting me into bed doesn’t mean a guy has achieved his goals and if that’s as far as his goals go with women, he’s not smart enough for me to begin with. How about my amazing work ethic? How about my unstoppable ambition? How about the badass cooking and kind gestures I treat to the people I care about? Sleeping with me doesn’t even scratch the surface of the prize that I am to be won.
  4. I’m secure with myself. I’m perfectly content with who I am even if I don’t have romantic love in my life. When I do finally choose the guy I spend my life with, our relationship isn’t going to be some calculated set of moves that eventually got us to like each other enough to be together. Does anyone know how insane that sounds? I’m a challenge because keeping me means that a guy needs to love me as much as I love myself, and that’s a whole lot.
  5. I’m too old for this crap. Part of being a grown adult means you leave the high school BS behind and yes, playing dating games to prove your worth to a guy is pretty juvenile — sorry, not sorry. I left the playground decades ago.
  6. Grown men don’t need games — boys do. If I was looking to attract a petty guy who’s only able to identify my value based on how available or unavailable I am, I’d play the petty games, but I’m looking for a grown man who knows better. I’m just a genuinely kind person and if I’m interested in dating someone, I give them my attention when I can and let things unfold naturally. If he doesn’t stick around because I didn’t play the role of mouse well enough, oh well. He wasn’t the guy I’m looking for. Good riddance.
  7. My life doesn’t revolve around waiting for a man to love me. There’s no reason I need to play any games because I’m living my life for myself right now. If the right guy comes into my life, it’ll work because it’s meant to. Dating in 2016 feels like having to constantly prove to guys that I’m worth something and I just don’t have the energy anymore.
  8. Why is it my responsibility? He needs to prove his worth too. I’ve always been highly confused by the logic that I need to prove I’m a challenge to a guy before he will actually invest a piece of himself into a relationship with me. What about the way he proves himself? I want to know I’m dating a guy who’s smart enough to know that my life is already full without him and that he needs to treat me with respect and kindness in order to truly win me in any real way.
  9. I don’t want a love that was built upon manipulation. Dating games to prove my worth is such a dumb and outdated logic. The bottom line is I’m a busy ass woman and so if a guy comes into my life, I’m going to act natural because I’ve got so much other crap going on that I legit don’t have time to calculate my “hook him” strategy. I shouldn’t have to manipulate the love that’s meant for me — my life isn’t a teen drama show.
  10. Real attracts real. No matter how many dating books and articles preach the opposite, I’d much rather travel my own real and honest road. Whatever is meant to be will be and in the meantime, I’m happy doing my own thing and bettering myself constantly. Real love will find me eventually because I don’t need dating games to prove I’m a challenge.