You Don’t Need To Feel Bad About Sleeping With An Ex

Generally, it’s a good idea to move forward in life and let the past be the past. However, some parts of the past are worth reliving, especially if those parts include good sex. If you’re in a situation where you can amicably hook up with an old boyfriend without it causing major drama, there’s no reason to feel ashamed of hopping back into an ex’s bed. Here are 7 reasons why it’s OK to bang your ex:

  1. He knows how to please you. For a lot of women, “getting there” with a new partner is something that takes a significant amount of time. Building up trust, intimacy, and effectively communicating your needs can take, well,  forever. When you just can’t wait for the new guy to learn the magic of the clitoris,  know you can call your ex for a satisfying evening.
  2. You’re already comfortable. No need to shave your legs, wear ridiculous lingerie to cover up your insecurities, or stress over those weird noises you make some times. Ex sex is so comfortable that it can be practically hassle free, and you can take your make up off before you fall asleep.
  3. You know “where it’s going”. You know exactly where this hook up is going: nowhere. With no gray area between hooking up and dating to stress over, you have more mental space freed up for other things. Enjoy the sex without any of the anxiety that goes along with a full on relationship.
  4. It can help prevent you from sleeping with someone too soon. Hooking up with an ex is a great way to keep the sexual pressure off of a new relationship. Having your sexual needs met makes it easier to wait before hopping in the sack with your new love interest. This ensures you won’t rush into something too quickly just because it’s been a while or hook up with someone you will later regret sleeping with.
  5. No morning awkwardness. Sleeping with an ex means you will always wake up in a familiar place with no awkward do-we-or-don’t-we have breakfast conversation. You know that getting omelets isn’t a weird euphemism for moving the relationship forward and you can borrow a hoody to go home in without seeming creepy.
  6. Birth control and STD prevention methods are already established. New sexual partners come with the not-so-romantic conversation about STD’s and birth control, and nothing kills the mood faster than someone arguing with you over why they shouldn’t have to wear a condom. Since these logistics have already been worked out with your ex-partner long ago, you can feel safe and comfortable getting right down to business.
  7. It’s guaranteed sex. When it’s last call, you’re in a dry spell, or you just need some good old fashioned stress relief, the ex is basically guaranteed to come through for you with some no strings attached sex. And who doesn’t like knowing they have a sure thing out there in the world?
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.