You Don’t Need A New Year’s Eve Date To Have A Great Time

You Don’t Need A New Year’s Eve Date To Have A Great Time ©iStock/portfolio/kali9

New Year’s Eve is finally here, and that means you probably have plans for the night (even if those plans involve staying in and ordering Chinese). Being single for the holidays has its pros and cons, but having no one to kiss at midnight has to be one of the worst parts. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have this NYE, focus on what you do, because you don’t need a date to have a great time this December 31st.

  1. You’ll be able to leave whenever you want. Or stay until the sun comes up. No one will be tugging at your sleeve whining about being too drunk, or too tired, for just one more shot.
  2. You’ll have a chance to catch up with your friends. Instead of spending all your time with your date, you’ll be able to mingle and talk to people you might not have seen in awhile. You also won’t have to worry about whether your date is fitting in with your friends. 
  3. You might meet someone new to kiss. Just because you showed up at the party solo doesn’t mean you’re going to leave that way. Lots of people are looking for someone new to start out the year with, and who knows where that first kiss at midnight could lead.
  4. You’ll only have to worry about your own good time. Worrying whether someone else is having fun or not is a total buzzkill. So is having to ask them if they’re up for a completely unexpected change of plans and seeing that they’d really rather not, but they’ll tag along if they have to.
  5. If you want, you can do absolutely nothing. Sometimes going out for New Year’s is overrated. Staying home in your pjs, avoiding the crowds, and saving your money can be pretty appealing. And so can waking up the next day hangover and regret-free.
  6. You’ll have no one to impress. If you just started dating, you probably aren’t in the stage where you want them to see you after a few too many vodka tonics. NYE is known to be a night some people spend hugging the toilet, and that’s not exactly the best impression to give on a date.
  7. Dancing with your friends does not require a date. In fact it’s a whole lot better without one. You don’t have to either put up with a boyfriend who thinks simply bobbing his head is the same as dancing, or worry about him getting bored standing alone while you bust a move. You can just do your thing.
  8. You get to start the new year focusing on you. A new year is supposed to mean a fresh start in whatever way is important to you. Having a date just to say you had a date is like telling yourself you aren’t good enough all on your own, and that’s just not true.
  9. You’ll get to sleep in the next day in peace. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of sleeping alone, and that absolutely extends to those nights where you just know you’re going to wake up hungover. Instead of being forced to get up for brunch of whatever else it is people do on New Year’s Day, you’ll be able to sleep well into the afternoon if that’s what your heart desires.
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