Don’t Underestimate Me — It Only Makes Me Work That Much Harder

I work my ass off because I want to build a nice life for myself. No matter how hard I work, people still judge me based on my age, assuming that I’m too young to know what I want or that I don’t deserve to get it because I haven’t “earned” it  yet. What they don’t know is that the more people underestimate me, the more it motivates me to prove them wrong.

  1. I know what I’m capable of. I’ve had multiple jobs and have learned plenty of life lessons on the path of getting where I am today. There have been plenty of times I thought I wasn’t good enough or smart enough, but I pushed through and found a light at the end of the tunnel. I know that as long as I put in effort, I’ll accomplish something. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing my hard work pay off.
  2. Age is just a number. I’ve been told numerous times that I’m mature for my age; what is that even supposed to mean? My age shouldn’t immediately make people assume I’m immature. In fact, judging me based on what year I was born makes you way more immature than I could ever be. Try opening your mind a bit.
  3. The older I get, the more motivated I become. Since I know how the other half lives, I’m constantly reminding myself that if I want something, I’m going to have to go out and get it myself. I don’t accept handouts. I will bust my ass until I’m at the finish line, no excuses.
  4. I refuse to give up. Sure, when I was younger and had lower self-esteem, it was easy to say “never mind” and walk in the other direction when something seemed too difficult. Now, however, I don’t give myself the option to give up. I know I’m a hard worker who values her worth, and that worth is what inspires me to take on new adventures, big and small. I’ll perservere no matter how hard it gets.
  5. I take my goals seriously. Shouldn’t everyone? Everyone on my to-do list is fair game, and although it may take me awhile to achieve everything I’ve set out to accomplish, I know that I’ll eventually make it there. I’ve learned that I have to be patient with myself — just because I’m not doing things at other people’s speeds doesn’t mean I’m not doing a good job. Life can get chaotic, and it becomes easy to get too stressed out. But I refuse to let that stress keep me from finding everlasting happiness.
  6. I’ve seen too many people give up on their dreams. And it’s honestly depressing. I can’t say I blame them; there have been plenty of times I questioned my career path. But no matter how indecisive I feel, I make sure the internal motivation stays the same. As long as I can keep going, I’ll go places.
  7. Life is about challenging myself. If I never go out and do something new, how will I ever know what I’m missing out on? I can’t let fear keep me from having the best life possible. I ignore my inner voices and listen to my heart because I know it’ll lead me in the right direction. Intuition is everything.
  8. Keeping busy keeps me sane. I definitely could call myself a workaholic, but I’d rather work too much than barely work at all and be a couch potato. The more endeavors I take on, the better I feel about myself because I feel like I’m making use of my education and work experience. I want to look back 20 years from now and feel good about everything I’ve accomplished.
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