If You Don’t Want To Go Crazy While Dating, You’ll Have To Accept Some Harsh Truths

If You Don’t Want To Go Crazy While Dating, You’ll Have To Accept Some Harsh Truths ©iStock/druvo

Dating can drive you nuts if you’re not careful. That’s why you have to understand the way the world works for single women in order to make it through (relatively) unscathed. If you don’t want to go crazy while looking for love, it’s time to accept some pretty harsh truths:

  1. Being social can take a lot out of you. It’s exhausting to search through dating profiles, flirt at bars, and go out on dates. That’s why you should set aside some alone time to decompress after your outings. You’ll need it.
  2. Men can get mean when they get rejected. If you stop answering a man on Tinder, he might start calling you an ugly whore. Some guys can’t take rejection. They’ll try to make you feel like crap, just for the hell of it.
  3. Texting makes communicating complicated. You’re going to be pissed if you’re always the one sending the first message. You’re going to have misunderstandings if you read his texts with the wrong tone. Texting just makes life harder than it should be.
  4. You’ll fall for men who don’t want anything to do with you. It doesn’t mean you’re unattractive or undesirable. It just means that they have bad taste. Don’t dwell on the rejection, because it happens to everyone.
  5. You won’t always get closure. Ghosting has become a habit for some men. Instead of sitting you down to deliver the old “it’s not you, it’s me” line, he’ll just drop out of your life. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.
  6. There are a lot of losers out there. That means you’re going to have to deal with a lot of BS. There’s no way around it. With enough luck, you’ll be able to wade through the jerks and find a good guy who’s actually worth your time.
  7. Everyone is judging you. Your family members will criticize you for being too picky. Your friends will criticize you for using the wrong dating apps. You can never win, so don’t even try.
  8. Men lie. You can’t believe him when he says he wants something real with you or tells you he broke up with his girlfriend. He might be lying out of his ass. It’s what people do to get what they want.
  9. Sex isn’t the way to win his heart. If he only wants to sleep with you, he’ll sneak out of your apartment after you fall asleep. It won’t matter how good your moves were in bed. He’s already made up his mind about whether or not he wants something serious with you.
  10. Most relationships fail. Even if your first date leads to a second and a third date, it doesn’t mean that you’ve finally found your life partner. Most women date around for years before finding Mr. Right, so don’t assume that every relationship is going to lead to a lifetime together. It’s not.
  11. Cynicism and bitterness are not solutions. They just mess with your vibe and make things harder. So stay optimistic. Even though things aren’t working out for you today, it doesn’t mean that they won’t work out tomorrow.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.