I Don’t Want To Hear Your Excuses For Being A Terrible Boyfriend

There are way too many guys out there who think that they can get away with treating their girlfriends like they’re disposable. The worst part is, so many of them think it’s fine to blame everyone and everything but themselves for the way they are. Sorry, dude, but if you’re treating me like crap on a regular basis, this is why you’re not going to get any sympathy from me:

  1. Being human and being a jerk are completely different. Yes, once in a while there’s a valid reason behind a regrettable action. But being a crappy boyfriend isn’t just making the occasional human mistake. I’m not going to dump you just because of a small error here and there, but you’re crazy if you think you can get by in our relationship without even trying to treat me right.
  2. Everyone screws up once in a while, but not caring is a whole other problem. We all make mistakes, and good partners own up to them and try to keep from repeating them. On the other hand, if a guy takes me for granted and simply refuses to acknowledge that he did wrong, then he’s out the door. I don’t know if guys like this just think they’re entitled to have a girlfriend no matter how they act, but they’re dead wrong.
  3. Excuses aren’t good enough. I’m not having it. I suppose guys learn that they can get away with this because too many women put up with it. I’m damn determined to break that trend. If a guy won’t treat me the way I deserve, I’m going to stand up for myself and demand better I don’t want excuses; I want action.
  4. Disrespect and condescension aren’t forgivable. So many jerks like to blame their behavior on anything but themselves. I don’t want to hear excuses about not knowing better or having bad examples growing up. You’re a grown man. Take ownership for your actions.
  5. I know how quickly it can escalate. If being a “crappy boyfriend” ever extends into the realm of abuse, I’m absolutely done. I’ve dealt with this in the past and tolerating things I knew I shouldn’t have. I now know better, but it took a lot of mistakes to get here. I’ll never allow myself to be abused again.
  6. Just because I love you doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate anything. I won’t allow you to get away with whatever he wants simply because I care about you. I respect myself too much for that. If you mess up, you need to own it and then adjust your attitude accordingly. If you think I’ll wait around forever while you get your act together, you’re dead wrong.
  7. My standards are too high for that BS. It’s amazing the lack of thought some men put into their actions. I choose to surround myself with people who are giving and unselfish, so why would I be with a man who is anything else? I deserve someone who puts me before his own ego, and if you won’t do that, I’ll find someone else who will.
  8. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve definitely been guilty in the past of allowing men to be bad boyfriends and making excuses for them myself. No more. I would rather be forever alone than sad because a guy is making me feel like crap. I’ve learned that if a guy demonstrates consistently bad behavior, I have to just cut him loose.
  9. I can give a lot, but I expect to receive the same in return. I don’t do things half-assed; I give a lot in a relationship. I need a man who meets me halfway. I don’t make excuses for myself when I can’t be the best girlfriend in the world, so I don’t want to hear any from you when you mess up time and time again.
  10. I don’t expect anything from you that I’m not willing to do myself. I do my best to be kind, considerate, loving and thoughtful. If I slip up, I expect to be called out on it so I can adjust my behavior. But this is a two-way street. I’m willing to own up to my mistakes and do what I can to fix them, so if you’re not willing to do the same, you’re not going to last long with me.
A former actress who has always loved the art of the written word, Amy is excited to be here sharing her stories! She just completed her first novel, and is also a contributor for Elite Daily, Dirty & Thirty, and Thought Catalog. Amy is the founder of What If Journey and can be found on Twitter @amyhorton18. You can also visit her website at amyhorton.net.