Dr. Pepper Dessert Topping Is A Thing & Your Next Sundae Depends On It

Guys, I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love Dr. Pepper. I’m into the actual soda, the licorice sticks, the gummy soda bottle candies—you name it, if it’s Dr. Pepper-flavored, I want it in my face ASAP. Same goes for this Dr. Pepper dessert topping, which seriously takes my sundaes (yes, I make sundaes at home more often than I’d like to admit) to the highest possible level.

  1. It’s great on ice cream but it could work on other desserts too. In essence, Dr. Pepper has a bit of a cherry flavor to it, so it goes perfectly squirted over top of vanilla ice cream. However, you could certainly put it on other desserts if you wanted. From slices of cheesecake to rice pudding or whatever else you could think of. Go forth and Dr. Pepper it up.
  2. It’s a super unconventional topping. You’ve probably drank a Dr. Pepper soda in your lifetime, but putting a syrup flavored like the drink on your desserts? GENIUS! It’s totally different from your standard hot fudge or caramel sauce (both of which are also delicious) and it’s really tasty too. Double win!
  3. It comes in a squeezy bottle, so no mess. Since this is a syrup, things could get sticky and messy pretty quickly, but because this is a squeezy bottle with a lid, that won’t happen. You can dispense as much as you want, close the lid, and you’re done. No more mysterious sticky rings in your kitchen cabinets… or is that just me?
  4. Everyone loves this stuff. From the looks of the Amazon reviews, pretty much everyone agrees: Dr. Pepper dessert syrup is absolutely delicious. In fact, once you buy one bottle, you’ll probably want to stock up with a dozen more in case they go out of stock and you can’t get a hold of it anymore. I mean, I wouldn’t blame you if you did…

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