Dr. Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles Taste Just Like The Real Thing & They’re Delicious

I try to drink more water than soda these days (I’m not getting any younger, OK?) but when I do crave a fizzy drink, I almost always go for a Dr. Pepper. There’s just something so strange and delicious about that flavor that I love. Something else that I love is gummy candy, so when I found out that Dr. Pepper gummy soda bottle candy was a thing, I immediately ordered a 12-pack.

They contain real Dr. Pepper. I hate when “flavored” things have no relation to the thing they’re supposed to be flavored with. If you’re telling me something is Dr. Pepper flavored, I expect Dr. Pepper to be in it, and thankfully, it is here. Because of that, the taste of the real soda really does come through.

They come in little soda bottle shapes. That’s a cute touch, don’t you think? You get roughly 39 bottles per package, and given that you’ll be buying 12 bags at once, that’s a whole lotta Dr. Pepper candy.

Everyone who’s tried them really likes them. The Amazon reviews are generally really positive for the Dr. Pepper gummy soda bottles, with most people confirming that they do live up to their namesake and saying that they’re actually a pretty tasty treat. Of course, one reviewer also admitted that they couldn’t stop eating them, so it seems like they could be pretty addicting…

You’ll have plenty to give to your friends and colleagues. If you don’t want to hoard all 12 bags for yourself, you’ll have plenty of candy to give out to your BFFs, the kids you babysit, your co-workers, or anyone else who appreciates delicious candy and loves the flavor of Dr. Pepper. And for just over 20 bucks, you won’t have to break the bank doing it. What are you waiting for? Time to get ordering.

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