Dragonflies Are Symbols Of Deep Meaning And Emotion — Here’s What Seeing One Signifies

If you consider yourself a spiritual person, you may believe in the idea that certain creatures carry with them a significance that shouldn’t be ignored. The universe often sends us messages and signs that we often miss because we’re not paying attention, and all of the animals on the planet each have their own special meanings. Dragonflies, for instance, may not seem like anything spectacular at first sight, but dig deeper and you’ll realize they’re symbolic of many things.

  1. Transformation and change are big for dragonflies. According to Awareness Act, dragonflies signify a calling on you to transform and adapt your life just as they do. As a spirit animal, they’re sent as a reminder of the importance of regularly evolving to become the best possible version of yourself and they act as an inspiration for you to do so.
  2. The Native Americans have always understood their symbolism. In Native American culture, dragonflies also have a deep and important meaning. They embody the idea of shedding the negativity that often holds us back in life and keeps us from achieving that which we dream of. Dragonflies are said to sense our true potential and abilities and push us forward on the path of enlightenment.
  3. They hunt out bad souls. Dragonflies are said to look for those who put bad energy out into the world. In Swedish folklore, dragonflies would sneak up on kids who lied and stitch their eyes, mouths, and ears closed. In other words, they believe in ridding the world of bad and putting only good out there.
  4. Dragonflies remind you of your power. Given that the dragonfly is both light of being and incredibly flexible in its ability to adapt to any situation it’s presented with, if this is your spirit animal, it should serve as a reminder that you are strong, powerful, and capable of overcoming any obstacle. Dragonflies are the ultimate symbol of hope, so let that buoy you in difficult times.
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