Draking Is A Thing In Dating Now & Yes, It’s As Annoying As It Sounds

Draking is one of the latest dating trends, and yes, it’s inspired by the rapper Drake. It’s corny, obnoxious, and not at all romantic and suave like the real Drake—here’s what you need to know about it.

  1. The draker’s all about the doom and gloom. Draking is basically when a guy is super emotional (hence the reference to the rapper’s lyrics), but with a twist: guys who drake hard are always upset over some other woman that apparently treated them badly. Their love life is always in tatters and they’re quick to want sympathy for it. You’ve probably known a few platonic male friends who were drakers. They’d call you up and wallow in sadness over their ex. Ugh.
  2. He’ll text you poems. The draker comes across as really deep, but when he’s texting you poems or telling you that you have to listen to a certain song, it can be irritating… especially when said poems or songs reflect what bad relationship experiences he’s had. Oh man.
  3. He’s the guy who’ll moan about his ex on a first date. You’ve probably met a few drakers on the dating scene too. The classic example of a draker is the guy who meets you for a first date and then spends the whole time moaning about why his ex left him and how torn up he is. Pity party for one over here!
  4. He’s the king of mysterious Facebook posts. The draker will post love quotes and mysterious updates on social media, like “it’s happened again.” It makes people ask him what’s going on, but he likes to keep things on the down-low so he’s unlikely to answer. Don’t you hate that? Why the hell would someone post something mysterious but then leave it hanging? Ugh.
  5. He’s hunting for attention. Of course, the draker shares his love-related turmoil and deep musings because he’s looking for validation. Why else would he do it? He wants to pick people’s curiosity and get showered in attention. It’s so lame and childish.
  6. He wants women to swoon over him. The draker who tries to come across as the most romantic person in the world needs to tone down his game. Seriously. Why do guys think that coming across as super sensitive and romantic will make women fall all over them? We just want to hand them a tissue so that they can dry their tears.
  7. He plays the victim role. The draker sometimes becomes really frustrating, like when he gets into victim mode. Everyone treats him badly, he’s unlucky in love, why do women not appreciate him? Ugh, no more ranting, please! Besides, a guy who paints a picture of having been dealt an unlucky hand in love makes you wonder what he did to make those women treat him badly. Hmmm.
  8. He’s the “nice guy.” The draker knows he has some great qualities to offer his future GF but he’s not humble about them. He’s the guy who’ll tell you that he’s really a nice guy and it’s just such a shame that women don’t treat nice guys well. He needs to get over himself. Instead of telling you how great he is, he should be showing you with his actions.
  9. He’s hard to pin down. What makes the draker so annoying to deal with is that he gives you mixed messages. On the one hand, he’s romantic and chivalrous. On the other, he’s always moving onto new women. It’s like he’s got a different date every Saturday night. WTF? Is he boyfriend material or a commitment-phobe?
  10. It feels like he’s overcompensating. When a guy comes across as being “too” anything, it can put you off, especially when you’ve just met him. What’s his hidden agenda for trying so hard to be seen as a good person? Maybe he’s overcompensating for the fact that he’s actually a crappy boyfriend. It might sound harsh, but let’s be real: often the guys who seem to be so nice and caring are the ones who end up treating women like crap.
  11. He’s got serious baggage. Since the draker’s had so much emotional and relationship turmoil, he’s got loads of baggage he’s bringing on dates. Being so emotional about his past really just sends the message that he’s not over it, and maybe needs a therapist instead of a girlfriend.
  12. He falls hard and fast. For the draker to always have some new woman he’s pining over or complaining about, the dude sure gets a lot of action. He also tends to jump into relationships at lightning speed. When you’re on the receiving end of his “crazy in love” act, it feels more like love-bombing than love.
  13. He’s has no boundaries. Drakers really seem like guys with high emotional intelligence because they’re so in tune with their feelings. But sadly, sometimes a different message comes across. They overdo the emotional stuff so they seem needy and clingy, like when a guy sends you five pages of text to read about his last relationship. There’s nothing wrong with a guy who likes to express his feelings, but honestly, this is TMI.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.