These Drink Covers Will Keep Bugs Out Of Your Wine While Drinking Outdoors This Summer

Now that summer is only a couple of months away and the warmer weather is upon us, I can’t wait to get back outside. To even get to sit in the backyard and feel some sun on my skin is like a total dream, and I’ve already started to take advantage of the extra few hours of light by sitting out and enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings. However, this year I’m taking no prisoners when it comes to bees buzzing around my glass or little flies getting in it because these drink covers* keep that from happening.

  1. They’re simple yet effective. What’s a “drink cover,” you ask? Just what it sounds like: a small disk made of silicone that sits on top of wine glasses or other cups to ensure no creepy crawlies get in and ruin the fun. Whenever you get up to leave the table for a bathroom run (or to grab the rest of the bottle), just pop this on top of your glass and it’s safe.
  2. They’re more than just silicone disks. They have an “innovated tap and seal design that gently suctions to glasses preventing the covers from blowing off your glass, locks in aromas, and reduces splashing,” according to the product description, meaning they’re not just interchangeable with a regular old piece of plastic or anything. And they legitimately work!
  3. When you’re not using them, they double as coasters. I really love products that do more than one thing, so the fact that you can pop these under your glass and use them as a coaster when you don’t need to cover it. This helps if you don’t want condensation on your table (and I particularly hate that).
  4. If you want some drink covers of your own, head over to Amazon. For $15.95, you can get a four-pack of drink covers in fun, bright colors. Believe me, you’ll use these every single day this summer for sure.

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