Drinking Makes Guys (And Women!) Think You’re Easy, Study Reveals

In one of the most infuriating yet least surprising studies to come out in recent years, new research performed by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the University of Nebraska and Iowa State University has revealed that women who drink are judged in ways that men just aren’t. Yay, patriarchy!

  1. The assumption is that alcohol and “sexual availability” go hand in hand. It’s no secret that women who drink are seen as being way more promiscuous than men who do the same. In fact, if a woman happens to get sexually assaulted while on a night out or at any event in which she’s been drinking, her credibility is pretty much immediately undermined.
  2. Women who drink are actually seen as “less human” than men who drink, even by women! The study, published in Sex Rules under the title “She Looks Like She’d Be an Animal in Bed: Dehumanization of Drinking Women in Social Contexts,” revealed that both men AND women felt that women who drink are more “sexually available” and “less human” than a dude who’s having the exact same number/type of drinks. WTF?
  3. The BS doesn’t stop there. When the researchers say that women who drink are more “sexually available,” they’re referring to the participants’ overwhelming perception that if you’re drinking alcohol, you’re probably down for having casual sex. Not only that, but the “less human” bit refers to the common feelings that you lack self-control, you’re shallow, dumb, and unsophisticated, as well as having fewer morals. Yes, because you dare to have a drink.
  4. The repercussions of this could be deadly. The researchers were concerned with their findings, not only because they’re completely misogynistic and dehumanizing but because it means that it puts women’s lives in danger. If you happen to be out having a few drinks and some guy is accosting you and potentially about to assault you, other people may be less likely to come to your aid since they assume that because you’re drunk, you’re easy and totally down with it. This just gets worse and worse!
  5. When will this disgusting attitude change? The fact that many men think this way about women isn’t a surprise. You only need to look at things like the Brock Turner case (just to name a single one among hundreds or probably even thousands) to see that men see women drinking alcohol as an excuse to violate her or to lie to themselves that she’s consenting to something she clearly doesn’t want. However, the fact that women feel this way too speaks to a serious need for sisterhood. What’s going on here, ladies?!

[H/T The New York Times]

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