The Drinkworks Machine Will Pour You Beer On Demand, So Drink Up

The Drinkworks Machine Will Pour You Beer On Demand, So Drink Up DrinkWorks

If you own a Keurig machine, you know just how valuable that little contraption can be for getting you your morning brew (or three). However, there’s never been anything that could deliver beer to you in quite the same way… until now. Drinkworks is basically the Keurig of beer and will pour you a 14-oz. cup of the stuff on demand whenever you want.

  1. Beer on demand? Tell me more! Last year, Drinkworks put out a home cocktail machine called the Home Bar that could make everything from Moscow Mules and Mojitos to Cosmos and Whiskey Sours. Amazing, right? Well, now it’s beer’s turn. You pop in a pod, press a button, and voila: a glass of beer is poured!
  2. So far, there are only four different beers on offer. Drinkworks teamed up with the Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewing, owned by Anheuser Busch InBev, to create the pods for the machine. While there are four beers on offer at the moment, choices are admittedly somewhat limited so far. However, getting a beer whenever you want it and don’t have any in the fridge is worth the trade-off, I’d say.
  3. Drinkworks and Golden Road promise the beer is good. You might worry that a glass of beer poured by a machine can’t be as good as what you’d get on tap at your local bar, but that may not be the case. The recipes for the pods were created by Golden Road brewmaster Victor Novak using “traditional brewing techniques to develop each recipe.” As for how it’s made, “Water is removed through Drinkworks’ proprietary distillation process, and Drinkworks Pods are filled with the concentrated brew, resulting in a never-before-seen method of packaging and dispensing draught brews,” according to a press release obtained by Thrillist.
  4. It’s not available nationwide just yet. The Drinkworks beer machine is only available in Orange County, California at the moment and you can only pick up the pods at shops including BevMo!, Total Wine, and Ralphs, among others. However, it should roll out in more locations in the coming months, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled!
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