Are Your Drunk Decisions Your Truth Or Just Impaired Judgment?

Are Your Drunk Decisions Your Truth Or Just Impaired Judgment? ©iStock/mediaphotos

It’s the weekend, which means a couple of nights out and a whole lot of alcohol. One thing leads to another and you find yourself doing things that are completely out of character (and possibly illegal). You may be completely aware of your actions or you may be too intoxicated to consider the consequences. At what point do your drunk decisions cross the line from being your actual unspoken feelings being ridiculous and misguided? That all depends.

  1. Being overly dramatic isn’t rare for you. Your friends tell you constantly to chill out or calm down. You’re considered “too loud” or “overly emotional.” You’re always the life of the party and a margarita or two (or five) doesn’t change that. You’re just as carefree and happy sober or wasted. Those margaritas can’t take credit for who you are and who you will always be. Ridiculous? Maybe. Misguided? Definitely not.
  2. Your alter ego is who you aspire to be. Those lemon drops didn’t impair you. They gave you the courage to be who you always wanted to be. It’s no secret that alcohol has the “power” to boost confidence. We’ve all been guilty of needing a little liquid courage at one time or another. It encourages us to be more honest to our friends and family, motivates us to talk to the cutie walking his dog and pushes us to shake off the nerves and bring it at karaoke. Some call it an alter ego, but you just call it being your true self.
  3. Know your limit and you’ll be all good. There’s definitely a way of making sure that you don’t let your drunk self make decisions your sober self wouldn’t approve of. It’s all about knowing your numbers. Know how many shots you can handle, how many beers you can chug, and how many mixed drinks you can swallow. You’ll be able to keep yourself from crossing the line from being you to being someone else you don’t recognize.
  4. You’re deceived by the high. In my experience, everything is better when you’re intoxicated. Food tastes better, boys look hotter and your dance moves are up there with Beyoncé. In the moment, everything feels heightened, but in reality you’re just drunk — too wasted to care that your burger is greasy, the boys are sleazy and you can’t dance to save your life. Alcohol is a deceiving little bitch that causes you to make mistakes you wouldn’t normally make. If you know this going in, you might be able to maintain a modicum of sanity.
  5. It’s your chance to escape reality. Your current environment may not be your dream scene and it can be difficult to break free of the world you live in. Those few glasses of wine help you mold your ideal space. Your judgement is impaired, but what you see may be your truth. Personally, I suggest you read a book or listen to music to escape. Drinking to find your happy place might get a little dangerous.
  6. Alcohol can be the frenemy you never knew you had. She stabs you in the back so fast you don’t even see it coming. The betrayal hits you like a truck and you feel it throughout your body. Alcohol is the friend you thought would uplift you but then turns out to be the one that pulls the rug right from underneath your feet. Your vision is blurred and your speech is slurred, causing you to do the unthinkable. The best way to deal with this is to keep it at arms length – get buzzed, but not so drunk that you won’t remember tonight, tomorrow.
  7. Maybe you’re just horny. Or maybe it’s that cranberry and vodka that’s made you extra flirty and aroused. Sober you is a strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a guy. You can love yourself in every way. Drunk you is on the prowl and ready to slay in the bedroom. The real question is, does your new sexual awakening who you really want to be or just your frenemy playing tricks again?
  8. Your politeness has its limits. You were taught to be graceful under pressure. You’ve learned to pick and choose your battles. Sometimes there is no need to clap back at those who cause you distress. But your perspective can change once you drink a little too much. Your politeness goes out the window and you take your anger out on the next person that bumps into you. Is your judgment a little impaired? Certainly. But is this a characteristic of your true self and the choices you really want to make? Only you can answer that.
Darren is a passionate young editorial professional with a sassy voice on and off the page. Intrinsically motivated to be successful, Darren strives to make the best out of everyday. He enjoys twerking it out at the gym, reading fiction novels, and slaying the dance floor with his friends.