Drunk Florida Woman Jailed For Indecent Exposure On Flight And Assaulting Arresting Officer

A Florida woman is behind bars after she became disorderly on a flight, indecently exposed herself to fellow passengers, and got violent with the police officer who arrested her. Mistie Justice-Watkins, 41, from Daytona Beach, was flying out of Rapid City Regional Airport in South Dakota but began causing a commotion on the flight. A police officer came on board to remove her from the plane, but instead of going peacefully, Watkins became even more disruptive, Newsweek reports.

  1. Watkins definitely wasn’t going down without making her mark. As per a release from the Rapid City Police department: “The officer advised her he would be escorting her off of the plane and she continued to be loud and disruptive. At one point while exiting the aircraft, she indecently exposed herself to other passengers on the plane.”
  2. Once they got her off the plane, Watkins got violent. After the officer successfully managed to remove Watkins from the aircraft, she was informed that she was under arrest. That’s when she lashed out. “At one point, she attempted to pull away from the officer and kicked him. A short time later, additional officers arrived to transport her from the airport,” the statement read.
  3. Unsurprisingly, she was drunk. Officers “noted the strong smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person as she was escorted through the airport,” the statement revealed. Why people decide to get hammered before boarding a flight is beyond me, especially if they’re someone who tends to get nuts when they’re under the influence.
  4. This wasn’t Watkins’ first brush with the law. After her arrest, police realized she also had an active arrest warrant in Meade County, Kentucky. She’s currently behind held in custody on a $100 cash-only bond for simple assault on law enforcement and a $1,000 cash-only bond for unlawful occupancy.
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