Drunk Wedding Guest Almost Sets Venue On Fire But Keeps On Dancing

While weddings are a time for celebration, sometimes guests can get a little too keen at the open bar and end up getting obnoxiously (or even dangerously) tipsy. That’s certainly what happened at one unnamed bride and groom’s nuptials, where a drunk guest nearly set the whole place on fire and just kept on dancing like nothing was happening.

  1. Unsurprisingly, the clip went viral. Because pretty much everything is caught on video these days, it was only a matter of time before it was uploaded to social media. It’s since received more than 10 million views on Twitter, and for good reason.
  2. The guest, named Craig or Greg, was really on one. The wild clip shows the guest dancing around with sparklers in his hands while other guests praise him for his fancy footwork. However, he got a little too into his moves and nearly set the place ablaze.
  3. He was just trying to grind on a fine female. While attempting to dance on the woman in a denim jacket, Craig or Greg set a pampas centerpiece on fire and the thing sparked a massive flame pretty much immediately.
  4. Chaos ensued. “Ah, fire! Fire!” the guests began screaming while Craig or Greg just kept on dancing without a care in the world. Guests scrambled for water to put the blaze out, but the drunk guest decided to use his arm to put it out instead. He knocks the centerpiece onto the ground in the process but then somehow manages to put the flame out without causing any further damage by stomping on it.
  5. He keeps right on dancing after that. Another guest does try to dampen his partying spirit by telling him to chill out, which seems to sober Craig or Greg up a bit. What a shame – he was having so much fun!
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