Duelling D*ckies Is The Hilariously Inappropriate Game Your Next Party Needs

Party games aren’t just for kids. By the time we’re 21 (or a bit earlier if we’re naughty), drinking games are par for the course and can totally spice up your gatherings. However, if even chugging your favorite alcohol is getting old — or you want something different to do once you’re sufficiently buzzed — may I recommend Dueling D*ckies?

Reading on to discover more about the game and where to buy it, and please be aware that Bolde may make a small profit from any purchase completed via links we provide. We then use that money to put back into the site and keep bringing you great content.

It’s basically exactly what it sounds like. The game comes with two pink inflatable, erm, members that you blow up (pun totally intended, I’m sure), strap on, and then slam against your friend who’s also wearing one.

It’s meant for bachelorette parties. Because where else is everything penis-related not only appropriate but encouraged? However, even if no one you know is getting married, I think this game is perfect for ANY get together with people of any gender or relationship status. I mean, come on, it’s hilarious!

How do you win? That’s not exactly clear, but one reviewer did state that the “duels are short and victories are sweet” so you can rest assured that you won’t have to expend all your energy trying to beat the balls off your opponent, so to speak.

You can even turn them into a ring toss game. Another reviewer said that they played ring toss with their Duelling D*ckies game, though obviously no rings are included here so you’d have to provide them separately. It’s a good idea to get even more use out of these.

You don’t even have to duel at all. Some people have suggested just wearing these around on your next bar or pub crawl just for a laugh, and that’s an equally great idea. Just imagine the laughs you’ll get from everyone who sees you and it’ll be tons of fun to boot. And hey, for under $20, what more could you ask for?

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