Dunkin’ Is Releasing Caffeinated, Coffee-Inspired Breakfast Cereals

Dunkin’ Is Releasing Caffeinated, Coffee-Inspired Breakfast Cereals Dunkin'

I don’t know about you, but on most of my busy mornings, a large Iced Turbo from Dunkin’ serves as my breakfast. However, now that they’re getting into the cereal game with two new coffee-inspired flavors that actually have caffeine in them, I might have to make time to sit down for an actual meal in the morning.

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  1. Coffee-flavored cereal? Genius! Dunkin’ is working with Post for two new coffee-inspired cereals, a Caramel Macchiato flavor and a Mocha Latte flavor. Both contain cereal pieces and marshmallows that will make you feel like you’re having a decadently sugary breakfast but also getting a bit of a coffee fix (though I’ll still need that Iced Turbo). “The Post Cereals team has done an excellent job of paying homage to the caramel macchiato and mocha latte with these new cereals. We can’t wait to see how customers enjoy them,” said Brian Gilbert, vice president of retail business development at Dunkin’, in a press release.
  2. Both flavors actually contain Dunkin’ coffee. While it would probably be possible to make coffee-flavored cereals without using actual coffee, that’s not the case here. Dunkin’s brews are contained in both flavors, which means they technically contain caffeine. Probably not enough to give you a morning buzz since it’s only about a tenth of a cup’s worth, but every little bit counts!
  3. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to try it. Both of Dunkin’s new cereal flavors are due to hit store shelves in August, so there are only a couple of weeks left until you can get our hands on them. The biggest problem I have is not knowing which flavor to try first, but I feel like the might actually mix well in the same bowl, so that’s always an idea…
  4. Hopefully this is a permanent addition to Post’s cereal range. I’m shocked it took Dunkin’ so long to get in on the breakfast game since this seems such a natural marriage. However, I’m just glad it’s there now because I haven’t been so excited to wake up in the morning in a long time.
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