Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Throws Coffee At Teen Employee’s Head Over Lack Of Whipped Cream

An enraged Dunkin’ Donuts customer was caught on camera throwing her coffee at a teenage employee at a store in Woburn, Massachusetts. As local news affiliate WHDH reports, police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the woman who assaulted shift manager Emma Dionne, 18, who claimed that the suspect became angry after one of the drinks she ordered didn’t have whipped cream on it.

  1. The problem would have been easy enough to fix. “I was like, ‘Oh I’m sorry, let me put whipped cream on this for you,'” Dionne recalled of the run-in. “She just starts cussing and says how we shouldn’t be working here because of how rude we were.” It wasn’t until Dionne turned her back that the woman chucked the iced coffee at her head.
  2. Dionne was extremely shaken by what happened. At first, because her back was turned, Dionne didn’t even know what had happened and was scared. “As soon as I go to like walk back over behind the counter is when she chucked the iced coffee on my head,” she revealed. “It hit like the back of my ponytail and I was very like shaken. I like didn’t understand what happened.”
  3. Her mother is furious and wants justice for her daughter. Emma Dionne’s mother, Karen Dionne, wants something to be done to identify and prosecute the woman responsible for the rage-fuelled attack. “I mean who does that? Just to know that someone even tried to harm your child … the feeling you get in your gut. Not only is it shocking and puts you in disbelief but it makes you so angry,” Karen said.
  4. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. The Woburn Police Department is asking for anyone who might recognize the woman to come forward and help identify her so that officers can question her.
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