Dunkin’ Is Giving Out Free Donuts Every Friday In May — Here’s How To Get Yours

Dunkin’ Is Giving Out Free Donuts Every Friday In May — Here’s How To Get Yours Dunkin'

If you ask me, there’s no better way to start a morning than with a large iced coffee with an extra shot and a Boston cream donut. It gives me both the caffeine and sugar rush I need to get going and it tastes delicious too. If you’re like me, you’ll be pleased to know that getting your fix just got a little cheaper since Dunkin’ is giving out free donuts every Friday in May.

  1. The offer isn’t exactly new. Dunkin’ offered free donuts throughout March and April and everyone assumed that promotion would expire at the beginning of May. Not so! The company announced on Wednesday, April 29 that Free Dunkin’ Fridays would still be going strong throughout the month of May. Best news ever!
  2. You’ll need to be a DD Perks member. Signing up for DD Perks is free and easy and there’s literally no reason not to, especially since it opens up this offer and others to you in future. Once you’re in, you simply buy a drink on Friday and voila, a free donut is yours. There doesn’t seem to be a size requirement for the drink, so if you can only handle a small or medium, you’ll still get a free sugary treat.
  3. Free donuts aren’t all Dunkin’ is offering this month. All DD Perks members can also get $2 iced coffees every Monday in May, which is even better. Given that they just brought back their delicious Butter Pecan blend, which is one of the chain’s “most requested coffee flavors,” that’s even more of a reason to take advantage of this!
  4. Here’s hoping free donuts are on the menu for a long time to come. Dunkin’ may be a chain, but their donuts are consistently good regardless of which location you visit. Whether you prefer a strawberry frosted, a blueberry cake, or even a sugar jelly, Dunkin’ has something for everyone and now it’s free on Fridays. That’s a way to start the weekend!
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