Dunkin’s New Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans Are This Year’s Tastiest Easter Candy

Dunkin’s New Iced Coffee Flavored Jelly Beans Are This Year’s Tastiest Easter Candy Dunkin'

There’s nothing quite like a large iced coffee from Dunkin’ to make your day better (and slightly more energeized). Whether you like yours straight with milk and sugar or you’re a fan of their syrups and flavor shots, if you’re a caffeine fan, no doubt you love a bit of DD, as I used to call it. Well, now you can enjoy your fav beverage in candy form, because Dunkin’ iced coffee-flavored jelly beans are a thing just in time for Easter. Best news ever!

  1. The bag includes five different flavors. Dunkin’ jelly beans were always going to be iced coffee flavored, but instead of simply creating a bag with one generic taste, they’ve mixed in five of their best-selling flavors including toasted coconut, butter pecan, french vanilla, caramel latte, and hazelnut. There’s even a handy picture guide on the bag so you know which one you’re eating, which is always helpful.
  2. The jelly beans are a collaboration between Dunkin’ and Frankford Candy. I’ll be real with you: I always thought Frankford candy was sub-par and kinda cheap, but they’ve really upped their game in recent years and are coming out with higher quality chocolate and really tasty collabs with other brands like Oreo and now Dunkin’. I’m so into it!
  3. Sadly, these are limited edition. As you can imagine, these won’t be around forever, and you’ll only be able to get your hands on Dunkin’s iced coffee jelly beans for the next couple of months while supplies last.
  4. Oh, and you’ll only be able to get it in certain drug stores. If you want a bag of these for yourself, you’ll have to head to a participating Walgreens or Rite Aid store, where they’re being sold for $3.49 per bag, or 2 for $6. Get them while you can – and if you can’t find them, take comfort in the fact that you can always go to Dunkin’ and grab an actual iced coffee anytime!
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