Dunkin’ Is Releasing Extra Charged Coffee With 20% More Caffeine For All Your Energy Needs

Dunkin’ Is Releasing Extra Charged Coffee With 20% More Caffeine For All Your Energy Needs Dunkin'

When I go out for my morning iced coffee (yes, even in winter), I’m always trying to maximize my caffeine intake. If I hit up Starbucks, I always go for a venti iced Red Eye, which is iced coffee with an added shot of espresso. Same goes for Dunkin’ — I’m always about the large Iced Turbo with an added shot. Well, now it looks like I don’t need the espresso because Dunkin’s new Extra Charged Coffee naturally contains 20% more caffeine.

  1. Yes, it’s available hot and iced. Thankfully, Dunkin’ knows that some of us prefer cold drinks even in cold weather, so they’re making Extra Charged Coffee available in both iced and hot varieties. Score! Both contain the added 20% of caffeine to keep you buzzing all morning long.
  2. So wait, how do they get the added caffeine? That comes courtesy of green coffee extract, which gives the Extra Charged Coffee its added jolt. A medium coffee has about 210 mg of caffeine, but the Extra Charged version contains 252mg. That’s quite an increase! That being said, The Mayo Clinic notes that a standard cup of coffee (not from Dunkin’, just in general) contains around 96 mg, so with Dunkin’s Extra Charged version coming in at around 84mg per cup, it’s not really anything that will have you bouncing off the walls.
  3. Dunkin’ is offering Extra Charged Coffee at a special price. At least temporarily, a medium Extra Charged Coffee will be sold for $2 at Dunkin’ locations nationwide, so if you’re on the fence as to whether it’s worth it or if you’ll like it, you can try it for a bargain price. The special offer is available from its launch on December 30 until January 26, so you have time to take advantage of it!
  4. If this doesn’t seem like your thing, you could always try Dunkin’ Midnight. That’s coming out today as well and is being billed as the company’s darkest roast ever. If you like a bold, bitter, intense flavor with your coffee, this is a definite must try!
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