This Beer Train Will Take You Through A Brew-Filled Tour Of Colorado

If you love craft beer and taking in fresh air in the great outdoors, you’re in luck. There’s a brew train that will take you through a gorgeous tour of the Colorado wilderness while serving you some of the most delicious beer available.

  1. It’s called the Durango Brew Train. The tour will take you along the Animus River and the San Juan Mountains as you sample a variety of craft beers and see the beautiful sights, all aboard a 1920s steam train. There are several brewers on board, all of whom will be giving you samples of their best IPAs, stouts, and more.
  2. They only run about twice a year. Because so much of your trip is based on seeing the amazing Colorado landscape, the Durango Brew Train only runs a few times a year depending on the weather. This year, there were a total of journeys spread throughout June, July, and August.
  3. You have your choice of seats. First-class seats run about $180 and will let you sit in a glass dome cart, while there are also standard seats with window views or open gondola seats for about $116. Those prices include tax and tip, so that’s all you’ll have to pay on the day.
  4. You get snacks too. You won’t just be drinking the whole time—there are some delicious snacks in the form of German pretzels, pigs in blankets, and more as you enjoy a two-hour party in the Cascade Canyon, which is located in the wilderness portion of the San Juan National Forest and provides even more beautiful scenery.
  5. If beer’s not your thing, they do a wine train too. Those run in September, so while you’ll have missed them for this year, there’s always next year to look forward to. Given how popular both the beer and wine trains are, you’ll want to bookmark the Durango Brew Train website so you’re ready to book when next year’s trips are announced.

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