Dying Boyfriend Proclaimed Love For Girlfriend After She Stabbed Him In The Heart

Dying Boyfriend Proclaimed Love For Girlfriend After She Stabbed Him In The Heart Derbyshire Police

A dying man clung to his girlfriend and told her he loved her before he passed away from a stab wound through his heart, BBC News reports. Craig Morse from Langley Mill in England died on April 2nd after his partner, Tonia Crabtree, stabbed him through the heart with a knife she planned to use to harm herself. Now, she’s been jailed for his manslaughter.

  1. Tonia Crabtree will only spend a few years behind bars. After being found guilty of Morse’s manslaughter, Crabtree was sentenced to four years and nine months behind bars. Morse’s family considers this an injustice, branding her an “evil domestic abuser” who played the court so that she could get a lighter sentence.
  2. The couple had been in an on-off relationship. Having been together for about 18 months, Crabtree and Morse had a very tumultuous relationship that was no stranger to violence. In February 2020, a similar incident happened in which she grabbed a knife to harm herself and ended up cutting Morse’s hand when he tried to stop her. They were said to have been “constantly bickering” with neighbors reporting hearing “banging and shouting” late at night.
  3. Both Morse and Crabtree had been “drinking heavily” on the tragic day. This led to a “struggle” between the pair in the kitchen when Crabtree again grabbed a knife intending to self-harm. While she was also injured in the altercation, it was Morse who was stabbed in the heart and was seen by family members living in the property with blood “spurting” from his chest.
  4. It happened “in the heat of the moment.” Crabtree’s lawyer, Clive Stockwell,” said the crime happened “in the heat of the moment” and claimed that Crabtree is a “highly damaged individual” with a well-documented history of mental illness. However, she showed immediate remorse and was devastated by Morse’s death.
  5. Morse’s last words were “I love you.” The 33-year-old is said to have clung to Crabtree in his final moments and told her he loved her, adding an even more tragic element to this terrible situation.


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