11 Early Indicators That He’s Worth Your Time

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to scouting the dating scene for potential significant others, sometimes it can be hard to know whether or not a guy’s worth your time. If you notice any of these signs, you should definitely go for it.

  1. He has passion. Whether it’s for watching football on Sundays, eating at every pizza joint in town, or tap dancing that makes his eyes light up, a guy with passion is a must. Better yet, if your passions align, you may have yourself a potential keeper. No one wants to be with a guy who doesn’t feel much about anything, after all.
  2. He’s serious without taking himself too seriously. Be on the lookout for the guy with serious goals and serious dreams but with a solid sense of humor to accompany it. You need someone who can help you navigate this complicated life but who can always keep you upbeat and help put a smile on your face. Maturity is key, but so is the ability to laugh a bit and lighten the mood.
  3. He’s not controlled by his past but excited by his future. While knowing details about his previous exes and relationships may be important, you should also know about the general life challenges he’s faced and how he’s overcome them. Ask about his childhood memories, his college degree, the things he’s proud of. It’ll help you understand what kind of person he is and how he handles adversity. You want a guy whose past doesn’t outshine his present or his future, someone who’s better today than he was yesterday but not better than he’ll be tomorrow.
  4. He remembers the little things. Forget the flowers on your birthday—that’s easy. Be with the guy who texts you good luck 10 minutes before your important client meeting at work. Be with the guy who brings home your favorite flavor of ice cream without you asking because he knows you’ve had a long day. A guy who remembers the little things has a good chance of being the guy with whom you can do big things.
  5. He’s never too busy for you. I understand that everyone is time poor these days, but your guy shouldn’t be— not for you. Find yourself someone who makes you the priority, who finds time to be with you in between meetings and busy work schedules. After all, if he really likes you, fitting you into his hectic schedule should be a pleasure rather than a burden.
  6. He’s kind to everyone he meets. Kindness is a beautiful trait to possess and a wonderful thing to be surrounded with. Go for the guy who’s kind to the waiter, who’s kind to an older lady who lives down the street, and who’s kind to you.
  7. His reputation precedes him. What other people say about him, how your mutual friends talk about him, his Facebook page—all of those things tell you his reputation. Does he get drunk every Friday night and publicly gloat about it? Is he an exercise enthusiast? Does he sleep around? Do your mutual friends have good things to say about him? What do others have to say about him? If you only hear positive things about him, that’s a good sign.
  8. He’s close to his family. There’s something about guys who speak fondly of their family. It shows that they’re grounded and close to the people who raised him and/or grew up with him and subsequently know him best. A guy who proudly talks about his sisters or brothers or brags about his dad’s latest gardening project is a man who appreciates his family. That’s a guy whose priorities are straight and who might just make a great boyfriend.
  9. He takes pride in his appearance. You need to find someone you’re physically attracted to, sure, but take it one step further and actually look at how he presents himself.  Look at how he dresses and carries himself when he’s on his way to work, on a date, or just hanging out. Does he take care of himself? If he’s unshaven, unshowered, and can’t be bothered to put on a clean pair of clothes when you meet up, it’s probably better to avoid him.
  10. He doesn’t leave you hanging on responses. The frequency with which he responds to your messages and returns your calls is a direct indicator of how he feels about you. Pay attention to where you sit on his list of priorities. A guy whose response time is poor is probably not worth all the fuss.
  11. He doesn’t send mixed signals. Spend your time and energy on the guy who showers you with clear indicators that you’re important, that you matter—because you do. It really is as simple as that.
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