Elderly Naked Florida Men Arrested For Having Sex In Public Park

Elderly Naked Florida Men Arrested For Having Sex In Public Park St. Petersburg Police Department

Two elderly Florida men were arrested late last month after they were discovered naked and engaging in a tryst near a public park. According to an arrest report filed by St. Petersburg Police and obtained by The Smoking Gun, Daniel McCleary, 60, and Donald Engstrom, 59, “engaged in sexual acts while completely naked and in public view at roughly 10:25 p.m. on June 30.

St. Petersburg Police Department

  1. They didn’t exactly deny what they were up to. While it’s admittedly hard to come up with a believable excuse when you’re caught bare-a**ed in a public park, Officer Zachary Lamour does note that Engstrom immediately admitted “that they were in fact having sex.” Glad to have cleared that up!
  2. Both appeared to have had a drink or two. Both Engstrom and McClearly were said to have been drinking, as the arresting officer noted an “indication of alcohol influence.” While it’s unclear whether or not this affected their decision to go at it in public is unclear.
  3. Both men were arrested but later released without bail. McCleary and Engstrom were arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure before being booked into the county jail. They were released soon after on their own recognizance.
  4. Both have previous criminal records. Engstrom was previously convicted of DWI. However, McClearly’s rap sheet is much longer, including convictions for resisting arrest, burglary, battery, theft, cocaine possession, drunk driving, disorderly conduct, probation violation, leaving the scene of an accident, domestic battery, and battery on a law enforcement officer.


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