These 3 Elderly Women Are Moving In Together So They Don’t Have To Self-Isolate Alone

These 3 Elderly Women Are Moving In Together So They Don’t Have To Self-Isolate Alone BBC

Having to self-isolate can be a serious bummer. If you’re an extrovert or simply enjoy spending time with the people you’re close to, not being able to can really get you down. This is especially true for the elderly, who can easily suffer from extreme loneliness if they’re kept from socializing too much. That’s why these three women from Salford near Manchester in England decided to move in together so they didn’t have to be apart.

  1. They’ve been life-long friends. Doreen Burns, Carol Spark, and Dotty Robinson may be in their 70s now, but they’ve been friends for over four decades and really didn’t like the idea of being apart long-term. They’ve always been there to help one another through bad times and celebrate the good, and not being able to do that wasn’t an idea any of them liked.
  2. Moving in together just seemed a natural choice. When the elderly women realized they had to self-isolate, moving into one house to spend the days and weeks ahead hunkered down with one another for company and support was a no-brainer.
  3. They’re still not sure whose house to go to, of course. Appearing on BBC Breakfast, the women discussed their plans for the near future, explaining that they each are planning to self-isolate separately for a week before congregating in one house. “[We’ll spend] a week in our own homes in self-isolation and if we were still fit and well then we would decide which house to go and live in because we’ve all got the same amount of rooms – bedrooms et cetera – we’re alright,” Doreen explained.
  4. They’re spoiled for choice. Each of the women’s houses has the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, so they’re equal in that regard. However, Dotty does have a leg up in one regard: outdoor space. “Dotty’s got a lovely long back garden which would be great for exercising. I’ve got no garden but I do have a yarden,” Doreen said. However, Doreen is the one with the Netflix account, so she may yet be the winner.
  5. They’ve been panic buying, but not in the way that you’d think. What will the elderly women do once they start their period of self-isolating? Besides watching The Crown, they’ll be sipping on the large supply of wine they’ve been stocking up on from the local shops. Something tells me these women are going to be just fine.
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