Always Too Hot Or Too Cold? The Embr Wave Perfectly Regulates Your Body Temp

If you’re always freezing even when it’s warm out or always sweating even in winter, it’s safe to say your internal temperature regulator is a little off. Whether because of a hormone imbalance, medication, or just some wonky genetic makeup, it sucks to never feel quite comfortable. That’s where the Embr Wave comes in.

  1. It’s so much more than a bracelet. It looks like some kind of space-age Jetsons gadget and frankly, it kind of is. The Embr Wave‘s function is simple: it regulates your body temperature plus or minus 5 degrees by targeting the sensitive skin on your inner wrist. Pretty cool, right?
  2. Wait, it does what? According to the product description, “An innovation in personalized thermal sensations, this precise, energy-efficient device stimulates thermoreceptors so you feel comfortable in just about any room you find yourself in. NASA-grade hardware offers precision and control, in a compact, sleek device worn with a mesh metal bracelet link.” Pretty cool, eh?
  3. The Embr Wave pairs with an app for even more features. While the bracelet itself includes loads of features liked timed warm-ups and cooldowns, a sleep mode, and sensation customization, the app lets you take things to the next level by tracking patterns and trying out new modes as the technology becomes available.
  4. It’s like having your own personal thermostat. While this sucker isn’t going to make you feel like you’re sitting in front of the AC on a hot summer day or in front of a log fire in winter, it will help bring your internal temp down a moderate amount to make you feel more comfortable either way. For those of us with issues that mess with our temps—I suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome myself—this is a godsend and something I’m pretty grateful was invented. Buy the Embr Wave from Urban Outfitters HERE.

Buy the Embr Wave from Urban Outfitters HERE.

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