Emily Ratajkowski Appears To Be Dating Eric Andre, According To Racy Valentine’s Day Snaps

Emily Ratajkowski has made it clear that she’s not about to start dating just anybody. While she was briefly involved with Pete Davidson (or so the rumor went), she’s mostly been enjoying the single life since divorcing her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in September 2022. However, it appears the supermodel is ready to give love another go, this time with another funny man. That’s right, Emily Ratajkowski and comedian Eric Andre are totally a thing.

Andre, 39, took to Instagram on February 14 to share a racy snap of himself naked and lounging on a sofa. However, it’s the person taking the photo, who can be seen in the reflection of a mirror, that caused a stir. It was Ratajkowski, and she was naked too.

Podcaster Amanda Hirsch shared the photo to her own account, writing: “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY/ EMRATA & ERIC ANDRE HARD LAUNCH (no pun intended or maybe yes we dunno a heart is covering) ahhhhh.”

People aren’t sure how to feel about the Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre pairing

The general response to the news that Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre are now a thing seems pretty mixed. Some people are over the moon, with one person writing, “I’m so jealous of her” and another adding, “Love this for them.” However, not everyone was impressed with the coupling. As one dissenter remarked, “I love you bro but I’m unfollowing you.” A second hater commented, “I threw up in my mouth.”

However, more than the hard launch, many were amused by what they saw in the photo itself. “The rolled up sock on the floor is triggering,” one person said. Another joked, “It’s the whole wall covered in mirrors for me.”

While whatever’s going on between Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre seems to be pretty new, it also appears pretty hot and heavy. They certainly made the most of their Valentine’s Day, that’s for sure! (But seriously, that sock on the floor… yuck!)

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