Enrique Iglesias Fans Shocked By Video Of Him Kissing Fan Despite Having Partner For 2 Decades

Enrique Iglesias fans are losing their sh-t after the singer posted a video of himself kissing a female fan on the lips repeatedly despite the fact that he’s been in a relationship for more than two decades. The 47-year-old locked lips with the fan during a meet and greet in Las Vegas on Friday, September 16.


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  1. Is this what artists are resorting to now? Meet and greet opportunities with artists used to allow one person to come and get a photo and an autograph from the artist. These days, singers like Chris Brown and apparently Enrique Iglesias are upping the ante (and the price tags) on the experience to make them more memorable. However, kissing on the lips seems extremely inappropriate.
  2. To be fair, it was the fan who initiated the kiss. Iglesias is visibly shocked by the woman kissing him in the video, but instead of pushing her away and calling for his security, he then grabbed her by the waist, took some photos with her, and shared a few more smooching.
  3. He eventually pulled away and ran off stage. His security team watched the whole thing unfold but since Iglesias didn’t seem to be in any visible stress or danger, they didn’t do anything.
  4. Iglesias has been with tennis player Anna Kournikova for more than 20 years. They met back in 2001 and have three kids together, 4-year-old twins Nicholas and Lucy, and 2-year-old Mary.
  5. The weirdest thing is that Iglesias himself posted this video on his Instagram page. While inappropriate fans are sadly likely a dime a dozen, Iglesias clearly saw the experience with this fan as a good thing, hence the reason he posted it on his own social media pages for all his 17.1 million followers to see.
  6. Fans had mixed responses. While some applauded the woman in the video for being ballsy and admitted they were jealous of her for getting to kiss Iglesias, others condemned her for being aggressive and inappropriate. Others questioned how Kournikova must feel about such experiences. “How on earth does Anna endure this?” one person wrote. Another said: “I’m confused… Anna is cool with this?? I wouldn’t be.”
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