Flight Attendant Explains Why You Should Always Leave One Shoe In Hotel Safe

A helpful flight attendant has offered some great advice for travelers staying in hotels. Esther Sturrus uses TikTok to give loads of tips and hacks to make seeing the world easier and safer. In fact, in a recent video, she discussed a worry many people have when going on a trip: forgetting stuff at the hotel when they leave.

As it turns out, Esther has a tip for that too. All you need to do is leave a shoe in the hotel room safe and you’re golden. The flight attendant’s advice may seem strange at first, but when you hear the logic, it suddenly makes much more sense.

According to Esther, putting a shoe in the hotel room safe means you’ll never leave the room without checking you haven’t left anything behind. After all, you’re not going to walk around with just one shoe on. Therefore, you’ll definitely check for your stuff before leaving.


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People are loving Esther’s tips. She has more than 165,000 followers who regularly flock to the comments to thank her for her helpful content. “One of the most useful videos on here,” one person wrote on her recent clip. “Clever and useful,” another added.

Esther Sturrus isn’t the only flight attendant who uses TikTok to help travelers out. Tommy Cimato is another flight attendant who shares some great content on the app as well. In a recent clip, for instance, he warned people not to go barefoot on planes and never to wear shorts when flying. Things are pretty dirty on planes, so the less contact your skin has with the surfaces of the aircraft, the better.


Featured image credit: TikTok/Esther Sturrus

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