E.T. And Elliott Have Finally Reunited In A New Commercial That Will Make You Cry Xfinity

E.T. And Elliott Have Finally Reunited In A New Commercial That Will Make You Cry

Everyone knows about the special bond between E.T. and Elliott. They were best of friends despite being totally different species — and being from totally different planets, of course. While it was sad to see E.T. go back to his home planet at the end of the movie, now they’ve reunited many years later in a new commercial for Xfinity.

XFinity is a digital cable TV, internet, and phone provider. The company, which is owned by Comcast (which also owns Universal Pictures, which owns E.T.), came up with the genius idea for “A Holiday Reunion,” the ad which brings a now-adult Elliott, who has his own kids, back together with his old pal E.T.

Much has changed in the last 37 years. E.T. gets to learn all about the internet and cell phones from Elliott’s kids, which is pretty cute. He also gets to see Elliott operating an Xfinity TV and seems pretty intrigued by it, so there’s that. Basically, E.T. is learning about a whole new Earth in 2019 and he seems to be loving it.

It’s not entirely clear why he came back. While yes, he wanted to see his old pal Elliott and hear about what’s happening on Earth in 2019, it’s not long before E.T. begins asking to “phone home” and rides Elliott’s kids up in that magical bike before shooting off into the stars, back to his planet. It sorta begs the question of why he came back in the first place, only to leave so soon. It seems like an awfully long way to come for such a fly-by visit, but OK!

But enough of being cynical – this is adorable. I love E.T. and always have. I think it’s a really entertaining and funny film that’s a total ’80s classic. Appealing to viewers’ sense of nostalgia is obviously a very smart move for Xfinity, and frankly, I now find myself wishing they’d make an E.T. 2 even though I know it would be a disaster.

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