Even The Happiest Couples Fight — Because They Care

Even The Happiest Couples Fight — Because They Care ©iStock/mikkelwilliam

A “happy couple” can be defined in many different ways, but one thing is for sure — disagreeing with each other or even having full-blown arguments doesn’t mean a relationship is doomed. In fact, sometimes fighting means a couple cares about their relationship enough to challenge it, which just so happens to be a good thing. Here’s why:

  1. They’re confident in their relationship. Strong couples don’t walk on eggshells trying to avoid any little disagreement because they know it’s going to take a lot more than one fight to break them up. They know they’re solid and they have each other’s backs in the long run, so the occasional fight is no big deal.
  2. They want to be honest with each other. Sometimes the truth isn’t always what someone wants to hear, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be said. Being honest about feelings, even when they aren’t the easy ones, is essential to every couple’s long term potential and happy couples embrace the bad along with the good.
  3. They trust each other implicitly. In order to be comfortable being open about emotions, two people also need to be able to trust each other. That means if an argument does happen, no one worries about their feelings being used against them. They know each other and trust each other enough to not have to worry about fighting dirty.
  4. It’s impossible to agree on everything. A couple that has the exact same opinion on literally everything just does not exist — it’s as simple as that. Either one person is lying and it will eventually blow up in their face or one of them is just a clone of the other. A happy couple knows disagreements will happen and they know how to take it in stride.
  5. How they fight is more important than how often. Since fights are inevitably going to happen in any relationship, it’s important to learn how to fight the right way. That might mean something different for everyone, but basically, as long as a couple can communicate, there isn’t much they won’t be able to get through together.
  6. They won’t accept “good enough.” If a relationship is going through a rough patch, a strong couple won’t shy away from doing what needs to be done to fix it. They both know what they want and deserve and they are willing to do what they have to to get it. It might not always be easy, but challenging their relationship is what makes it stronger.
  7. If they didn’t care, they’d just break up. A couple that didn’t give a damn about each other wouldn’t bother putting any energy into fighting. If they didn’t want to work on things, they’d just walk away because that’s a lot easier than identifying a problem and then figuring out a way to fix it that works for both people involved.
  8. Holding things inside isn’t healthy. Emotions that stay bottled up inside are eventually going to turn into other problems that will end up affecting a relationship. Being able to fight about things and get them out in the open can take a lot of weight of someone’s shoulders and help them feel a lot better in general.
  9. They can be themselves 100% of the time. For just about everyone in the world, being able to be yourself is a huge factor in whether or not you’re happy. Being with someone who loves and accepts you for who you are, even when you’re fighting, is ultimately what we’re all looking for. If you can have a fight with someone and be confident they’re still going to love you after, you’re in pretty good shape.
  10. No relationship is perfect. A happy couple knows that a fight every now and then doesn’t disqualify them from calling themselves happy. They don’t expect every second of being in a relationship to be easy, but they also don’t let the hard parts get them down. As long as they’re together and want to keep it that way, they’ll find their way through anything.
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