Every Crew Needs That One Single Girl — I’m Glad It’s Me

Every Crew Needs That One Single Girl — I’m Glad It’s Me ©iStock/g-stockstudio

On my journey to find the love of my life, I’ve been that one single girl who just hasn’t quite gotten it right yet. It used to bring me down when I’d see my friends finding their own happily ever afters so easily while I was perpetually alone, but after awhile I realized how great my status actually was. I’m writing my own story and it isn’t over yet. I bring something special to my crew, and even if it’s been a hard pill to swallow at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. I’m the one with the juicy stories. I’m always the one everyone can count on for a good and juicy story about my latest guy adventures. Whether it’s about the constant drama of figuring out his communication style or accepting random and spontaneous dates with new suitors, I always have something going on in my life that can pull them away from their daily relationship routines. It’s riveting.
  2. I’m the one who provides laughter in times of frustration. When my girls are having a tough go in their own love lives, I’ve always got a backup story about something really messed up that happened to me with a guy that makes them feel a little more at ease. I mean, what are friends for, right? If reliving my horrors and infusing some humor into them while citing the lessons I’ve learned from them can help my friends to see their own lives more positively, it’s worth every breath to me.
  3. I always have a hilarious dating story to tell. I have a ton of hilarious stories that used to baffle me, but I now find them to be a hilarious law of my universe — like that one time a seagull took off with the target ball in a game of Bocce ball I was playing on a first date with a guy on the beach. Yeah, I can’t even make this crap up. My life is a sitcom and I’m always happy to share my funny experiences because it reminds me just how unique my journey to love has been.
  4. My love story is still a mystery and it captivates my friends. My crew is always wondering what shenanigans are erupting in my love life, and I don’t blame them. It’s exciting to have that one friend whose love story can begin at any moment and I can’t wait for them to be there to witness my excitement as the adventures unfold.
  5. I’m the go-to girl in my crew. Since I’m without a relationship and have a huge amount of experience under my belt, my girls are always coming to me to ask for advice on how to deal with their own relationship struggles. I’m more than happy to be that girl because it makes me feel needed and appreciated. Plus, it tells me that even though my dating history has plenty of disappointments, I seem to know a few things about love.
  6. My crew lives vicariously through me. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by my friends as they grip on to every word I tell them about the new and exciting thing happening in my life. I have the freedom to do the things I want, when I want in the absence of a relationship and even though my friends have their own amazing lives, it’s still nice to take a peak at the other side of the fence — and I do the same to them.
  7. I’m the one who gets everyone’s secrets. Being that single girl in the crew means that I’m the one my friends count on to drop their secrets on without the worry that I’m going to tell my spouse, which is common among many relationships. I’m the vault of information and it makes me feel pretty special when I’m trusted with literally every and anything.
  8. I’m the life of the party. Because shooting tequila and saying whatever the hell is on my mind without answering to anyone is the icing on top of my single girl cake.
  9. I still get to experience all those firsts my friends already have. My girls have blazed the trail for me and while I know a lot of the things I can expect when my love story truly begins, it’s still exciting to know that those milestones and firsts are still out there, waiting for me to live them. My status might be single, but I’m a pretty important part of my crew — and I’m lucky to have them.