Everyday Situations That Are Way More Stressful Than They Should Be

Everyday Situations That Are Way More Stressful Than They Should Be ©iStock/Tinatin1

We’ve all experienced life’s typical stressful events, like getting new job, moving house, relationship troubles, etc. You understand that at these moments in life, you’re under a lot of pressure and you accept that and just try to keep your head up and get through it. But then there are the other times — moments that up your anxiety level for no apparent reason; moments that you dread, but not everyone will appreciate as being necessarily stressful.

  1. Giving directions. I can hardly take directions, never mind giving them to a passing car on a whim. The struggle is real.
  2. Talking in front of a small group of people. People always talk about how scary it is to talk in front of a big audience, but small audiences aren’t actually any easier if you’re an introvert.
  3. Calling the tax office. Yeah, OK, it’s just another phone call, but those guys ask a lot of questions.
  4. Going to the swimming pool. If you’re Ms. Body Confidence, then congrats! You work it, girl! But, unfortunately, we’re not all like that (even though we should be). Going to the swimming pool can be extra stressful for gals who don’t quite feel comfortable baring all.
  5. Throwing a party. Sometimes throwing a party can be as easy as a few friends showing up and having a few drinks around a table, but those pre-planned big bashes are something else altogether, and they can end up being super stressful. Is there enough food? Should I have got more soft drinks? Did she really bring him?
  6. Getting your haircut. They always, and I do mean always, end up messing it up. And let’s not even start about having to come up with small talk while you’re there.
  7. Going shopping for the perfect outfit. Going shopping is fun, sure — but when you have a big event or a big date, coming up it can be super stressful.
  8. Going shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans, I hate you. (But also, I love you…)
  9. Revolving doors. Just getting throw one of those babies alive is a miracle.
  10. When you just can’t hear something that someone is saying. And the worst thing is that you’ve already asked them to repeat themselves twice, and if you ask once more it’s just going to be super awkward, so instead you just sit there and smile and hope for the best. “Mmmhmm, wow, fascinating!”
  11. When you need to pee in a new place. Friend’s house, restaurant, cinema, concert venue… you know that as soon as you need to get up and go, you’ll be wandering the hall for the first 10 minutes, squinting and trying to find a sign for the restrooms.
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