If Your Ex Is Doing These Things, He’s Not Over You

Love doesn’t have to be so confusing, especially when it comes to dealing with an ex. They may be sending you mixed signals, but there are a few common behaviors that lots of guys exhibit when they want that old thing back. Here’s how to know if your ex still isn’t over you:

  1. He Constantly Texts. If your ex is still in constant contact with you, there’s a pretty good chance he isn’t over you. His text messages will range from random one-liners to sentimental, long-winded messages when he’s all in his feelings and thinking about the past.
  2. He’s Everywhere. Everywhere you go, he seems to be right there. Every. Single. Time. It isn’t a coincidence that he just so happens to bump into you at your favorite happy hour spot. Either he’s tracking your location via your Facebook check-ins, or you have a stalker on your hands. But either way, he clearly isn’t over you.
  3. He’s Always Reminiscing. Whenever the two of you speak, the convo always starts off by him saying, “Remember that one time when…” He’d rather live in the past and reminisce about all the good times the two of you had together, and he’s hoping that bringing up those old memories will leave you feeling sentimental and open up the door to reconciliation.
  4. He Tweets and Facebook Updates are Depressing. Every time you look at his social media accounts, he has yet another depressing post. It will either be lyrics from a love song or a quote about losing the one you love. If his social media activity went from super happy to super sad in the blink of an eye, it’s definitely a sign he still has feelings for you.
  5. He Checks up on Your Family. When the two of you were together, he would huff and puff every time you invited him over to your folks’ house for Sunday dinner. But now that the two of you have broken up, he acts like your parents are his BFFs. So what gives? If your ex isn’t over you, he may try to remain in contact with your family members because it makes him feel closer to you. And plus, he can get all the juicy info about what you’re up to and how you’ve been every time he chats with your parents.
  6. He Asks About You. If your ex isn’t in direct contact with you, he’ll have to go out of his way to find out how you’re doing. If you find out he’s been asking about you through mutual friends, it means he can’t get you out of his head, and he’s definitely not over you.
  7. He’s All Over Your Social Media. If he was completely over you, he would probably unfriend you at this point, so if your ex is still the first to  “like” your pictures and he’s always leaving comments on your status updates, it means he isn’t over you. Commenting on your profiles and interacting with you online allows him to have a link to you, and it also gives him the opportunity to keep tabs on where you’re going and who you’re with.
  8. He Tries to Make You Jealous. He doesn’t want you to know he isn’t over you, so he may go out of his way to give the appearance that he has moved on. He’ll try to make you jealous by posting photos of himself with other girls on Snapchat, or he’ll try to bump into you while he’s hanging out with someone of the opposite sex. Deep down inside, he’s hoping that jealousy will be sparked and you’ll come running back to him to rekindle things.
  9. He’s Still Single. If a guy is still hung up on you, moving on will be one of the hardest things for him to do. Sure, he may go out on a few dates here and there, but getting into a full-blown relationship just isn’t on his to-do list. He has no interest in falling in love with someone else because he’s obviously still in love with you.
  10. He Reaches Out on Holidays. You can really tell how someone feels about you when the holidays roll around. If your ex doesn’t bother to reach out to you on these special days, it’s pretty clear he’s over you. But if he’s contacting you on every major holiday, and even the minor ones like President’s Day, you can bet money that he still wants to be with you.
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