To The Ex-Girlfriend Who Didn’t Appreciate Him — Thank You For Leading Him To Me

I know some relationships just don’t work out, but I can’t imagine why you’d ruin possibly the best thing you’ve ever had with the guy I’m now lucky enough to call my boyfriend. Even though it’s upsetting knowing that you emotionally and mentally abused him before we found each other, I’m honestly grateful you behaved the way you did. Without the chaos you caused, he wouldn’t be mine today. For that, I can’t help but thank you.

  1. He’s literally the best human I’ve ever met. I spent a long time on my own before the guy that you didn’t appreciate walked into my life and it made me see all of the things you took for granted clearly. He’s an extremely genuine person who goes above and beyond to take care of the people he loves, and it’s a shame you didn’t realize how rare he was when you had him. Believe me when I say it really is your loss.
  2. He appreciates me so much for having been with you. There were guys before him who took complete advantage of my kindness, and sadly, he knew that feeling all too well because of you. When he and I finally came together after all of our trials and tribulations, ready to love the way we’ve always wanted, it was completely effortless to adore each other for all of the reasons that the ones like you had overlooked before.
  3. He finally has an equal partner. You didn’t contribute to the life that he was trying to build with you and you were more interested in what he could buy you than what you could contribute to the relationship. Thankfully, I built an empire of my own before him so that’s not a concern for us. Not only are we an unstoppable team together, but we’re also together for no other reason other than pure love and affection for who we both are — not what we can provide one another monetarily.
  4. He’s stronger now because of you. You may have tried to break him down but thankfully, he didn’t let you win. The day you packed your bags and left the life you had with him was the day his life truly began. He was finally rid of the toxicity in his life and became a better man for it. He worked his butt off, he studied harder, and he promised to never settle for any of the same B.S. you put him through ever again.
  5. The pieces you shattered are whole again. I’m so grateful that my boyfriend wasn’t carrying the baggage of your relationship with him when he and I met, but I still work hard to make sure I’m the best girlfriend he’s ever had and I’m showing him how great real love can be. I’m the one in his heart now and I’ve made it my permanent home.
  6. The little things you overlooked mean the world to me. You may not have understood it then — maybe you haven’t experienced as many jerks that I have to draw an accurate comparison — but believe me when I say that my boyfriend is f*cking amazing. It’s not just because of his undeniable generosity and passion for the people he loves, but also because of the little details you failed to notice. It’s because of my simple heart after your ungratefulness that he now knows what it’s like to feel truly appreciated.
  7. You led him right to me. I don’t know what truly happened between you to make your relationship implode, but one thing I do know is that everything you did throughout the course of your time together led him right to my door, and for that, I’m more grateful than I could ever express.
  8. I never knew love like this existed — thank you for showing me, however indirectly, that it does. I could choose to resent you and I could allow the stories that make up the timeline of your life with him haunt me forever, but instead I can’t help but wish you well. Even though I’ve never met you, the impact you’ve had on my life is significant. If it wasn’t for you and the mistakes that you made in failing to appreciate the amazing man that you had, he never would have found and fallen in love with me. You’ve given me the greatest gift of all and for that, I thank you.