Ex-Girlfriends Aren’t The Crazy Ones — Ex-Boyfriends Are Even Worse

Ex-Girlfriends Aren’t The Crazy Ones — Ex-Boyfriends Are Even Worse ©iStock/feedough

Guys love to go on and on about how “crazy” their exes are, but the truth is, guys can be even worse. The next time he’s complaining about his psycho ex-girlfriend (or maybe even referring to you that way), remind him of these things:

  1. The sentiment goes both ways. One person wanted to end the relationship, the other wanted to work it out. One person is over it, the other is still head over heels in love. It’s not a gender issue, it’s a feelings issue, and despite what some guys might tell you, both women and men can get hurt.
  2. Men use their ego as a defense mechanism. This is a world where for some reason, it’s more acceptable for women to feel self-conscious. Men aren’t supposed to be heartbroken, so when it happens, they pretend not to care. You may have spent a lot of your time stroking his ego when you were together, but now that you’re gone, he has to do that himself.
  3. Have you ever seen the Texts From My Ex Instagram? It’s full of men who continue to text their exes long after the breakup. It’s proof that some men just can’t let go and others are just plain disgusting. Either way, it’s pretty damn clear that when it comes to exes both genders hold on to the past.
  4. Men might just be better at hiding their “crazy.” Women are more in touch with their emotions, and feel safer expressing themselves, especially to other women. So while girls have long talks about how they feel, boys brush feelings aside as weakness. He might find it crazy the way you vent to your girls, but you can find him just as crazy for bottling it all up.
  5. Some guys just can’t give up (on sex that is). Women tend to miss the emotional side of the relationship, but men dream back to the physical. For some reason men think it’s totally acceptable to text you post-breakup for sex. Despite the fact that the relationship is over, they think the physical side can just continue on. It’s a crazy idea, but the male population seems to be all for it.
  6. Your ex doesn’t understand why you hate him. Or at least why you’re not on good terms. Despite the fact that he treated you like crap, an ex might just come back around expecting some sort of friendly relationship. Why would you ever want to be friends with someone who made you feel worthless? Sounds pretty damn crazy.
  7. They go from head over heels to instantly so over it. That’s a pretty drastic change — a borderline bipolar reaction. One minute he’s vowing to love you forever and the next he barely remembers your name. No matter who breaks up with whom, all participating parties should need some time to grieve and time to heal. The fact that he goes on like nothing happened is pretty damn psychotic.
  8. He shows up the second you’re starting to move on. How do guys know when you’re finally moving forward? The day you actually start feeling better, he texts you. Do they just have some male specific intuition that lets a buzzer off in their head every time you’re happy? He may be over you, but he doesn’t want you to ever be over him, because that’s how a psycho gets his ego.
  9. Men use social media too. He either deletes you completely out of his life or he keeps your social media ties so he can cyberstalk you. It seems to be one extreme or the other. The fact is, men keep tabs on their ex too. Even if he deletes your history like you never existed, he always seems to know when you meet someone new. It’s creepy as hell, but hey, ex-boyfriends are crazy too.
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