Ex-Heroin Addict Shares Incredible Before And After Photos As She Works To Stay Clean

A mom and recovering heroin addict has bravely shared her journey of getting clean with her Facebook followers. Demi-Nicole Dunlop, 27, posted before and after photos showing herself in the throes of addiction as well as how well she looks since getting clean, inspiring so many with her determination to live a better life for herself and her children.

  1. She’s been clean for four months after receiving treatment. Demi-Nicole was addicted to heroin for two years and would use multiple times daily throughout that time. However, after seeking help, she’s been able to get clean and stay that way for four years.
  2. Life is looking up for her in general. Not only is Demi-Nicole engaged now, but she’s also going to school and working hard to ensure she’s the best possible person she can be so that she can eventually be a good mom. However, she knows there’s a long road ahead of her. “I’ve now been entirely clean of both crack cocaine and heroin for four months,” she wrote in her Facebook post. “That’s entirely clean. After being an addict for two years, every single day. It took me a very long time to feel I’m worthy, I’ve done well and feel proud of how far I’ve come.”
  3. Both of her kids are currently staying with other people. While her 7-year-old son Hudson lives with her parents, Demi-Nicole’s daughter Harlynn is currently in foster care as their mom understands she’s not in the best place to raise children at the moment. “With a heavy hurt heart, I now admit, at present, I am not in the stable Mindset for bringing up either of my precious children… I may be clean but far from healed & as it stands shes in the best place. Thriving, happy and meeting her milestones. This is my own fault and I’m suffering those consequences!” she wrote.
  4. Demi-Nicole’s youngest daughter truly suffered because of her addiction. She shared in the post that she got pregnant with her daughter Harlynn in the midst of her heroin addiction and while the baby was born early, she was totally healthy. However, she then experienced heroin withdrawal since Demi-Nicole had been using throughout her pregnancy.
  5. She has hope for the future and won’t stop fighting. Demi-Nicole knows she has a long road ahead of her, but she’s ready and willing to fight for her life and she has so many people behind her, supporting her and spurring her on. Best of luck, Demi-Nicole!
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