To The Ex Who Thinks I’m Crazy Because I Care About Our Breakup

I thought you were the one and honestly, I never saw the breakup coming — I was completely blindsided. I’ll admit that I’m struggling to get over the past, but since you’ve already moved on, that makes me the crazy ex-girlfriend, right? Screw that.

Take a look in the mirror.

Once upon a time, we were planning to spend the rest of our lives together, and now you think I’m crazy because I’m struggling to move on without you. Since you’re the one who did a 180 on this relationship, I’m pretty sure your two-faced personality is the real psychopath here.

My reactions are justified. 

Take a look at the damage you’ve done. Now look at how I reacted — was it really that unjustified, or are you just refusing to take responsibility for your actions? What would you have done if the tables were turned?

Try taking some blame for yourself.

I think it’s pretty damn clear that the failure of our relationship wasn’t completely my fault. After all, it takes two to tango. We started dating together, fell in love together… and then suddenly you fell out of it alone. You broke the pattern, not me.

You changed me, and not in a good way. 

Now that you’re done with me, I’m a different person than I was when we met. Doesn’t that sound odd? You thought I was someone else? I could say the same. You showed your true colors and you thought I’d just let that stuff go? That was your mistake, not mine.

You made me this way. 

If I wasn’t like this when we met and the only thing that changed in my life was you, doesn’t that mean it’s your fault? Sure, I might need to take responsibility for my own actions here, but I still think some of that responsibility lies on you.

Does calling me crazy really make you feel better about yourself?

You know damn well that you’re just as much (if not more) at fault for the demise of our so-called relationship. You’re not fooling me. The only reason you’re kicking me when I’m down is so that you don’t have to feel like crap over the pathetic player you are.

Did you ever even give a damn?

The way your personality and your feelings chnaged was pretty damn drastic. Is this who you really are and I just never saw it, or were you actually playing the part of a good boyfriend the entire time until you found the perfect moment to bring out your inner a-hole? My feelings were real, and that’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for you.

Kiss my ass goodbye.

If I wasn’t done with you before, I sure as hell am now. So much for respectfully parting ways. Don’t expect breakup sex or ever dare try to make me your booty call. You obviously don’t respect me, so you’re never going to get with me, ever again.

Screw you.

You’re attacking me because I actually gave a damn about you. Sounds pretty pathetic, doesn’t it? I’m honestly sorry I wasted my time loving you. You’re not the person I thought you were and I may not see it at the surface now, but deep down I know I’m so much better off without you.

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