11 Expectations Of A Low-Maintenance Relationship Girl

11 Expectations Of A Low-Maintenance Relationship Girl ©iStock/pixdeluxe

I don’t need grand gestures and fairy tale romance to be happy in a relationship — I just want to be with you and that’s good enough. I’m pretty laid-back and low maintenance and want a boyfriend who’s the same. If you’re with me, here’s what you need to know to keep me happy:

  1. I’d rather watch Netflix on the couch than go to the movies. No need to spend $50 on tickets and snacks. I’m totally content with Netflix and pajamas (and maybe ordering a pizza). Being by your side is all I need.
  2. I’d rather eat at a burger joint than a 5-star restaurant. If we can’t afford to eat at a a fancy restaurant, no worries. Burger and fries are where it’s at anyway. I’d rather vibe in a loud, outgoing atmosphere than be in a quiet, dimly-lit room.
  3. I’d rather go to the beach than a fancy resort. If we can find a nice spot to catch some sun, that’s just fine with me. Spending time on a free beach, rather than wasting money on an overrated resort, is always a better option in my book.
  4. I’d rather wear shorts and flip-flops than an evening dress. Take me anywhere that I can rock my favorite comfortable and effortless outfit. I don’t need to dress up to have fun and you don’t either. Let’s just chill.
  5. I’d rather spend money on experiences than things. When it comes to splurging, let’s spend it on experiences that will change our lives. We don’t need the most recent gadgets, we need to travel.
  6. I’d rather go to a sports game than a play. Baseball, hockey, football — I’m all in. If you don’t like Broadway plays, then let’s go to the next match we can get tickets for. The beers are on me.
  7. I’d rather drink wine on your couch than drink overpriced drinks at a bar. If you want to unwind, your couch will be my favorite spot. I don’t need to be at a bar surrounded by drink idiots anyway.
  8. I’d rather receive a hand-made card for Valentine’s Day than a piece of jewelry. Don’t waste your time stressing over what to get me. I’ll love a hand-made, heartfelt gift more than anything money could buy.
  9. I’d rather you feel comfortable sharing your feelings than to keep things bottled up. I don’t want you to worry about offending me. Please feel free to share your thoughts, even if I won’t like what I hear.
  10. I’d rather spend more time with you alone than out with others. If we’re together, I’ll value the time we spend just you and me more than the time we spend with our friends. Being with you is all the company I need.
  11. I’d rather people know of us but nothing about us. I don’t need PDA, social media posts or affectionate gestures to know that you care. Be there, be happy and pass the last slice of pizza.
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